is the catcher in a homo-sexual relationship. He takes it from the pitcher who delivers a red hot fast moose knuckle ball.
Andy: "Look at that ass cunt, what a fag"
Gary: "Hey, that hurts my feelings"
Andy: "Fag!"
by GasHuffer12 August 17, 2008
Top Definition
1. horrible miserable person
2. a transsexual male who pretends to be a woman and tries to fool men by getting them drunk and having sex with them in the dark. The men do not realize that they are not having vaginal sex but instead they are having sex with the transexual's ass.
1. My boss is such an ass cunt.
2. Joey got so drunk last week in San Fransisco that a transsexual tricked him into having ass cunt sex.
by toast455 June 22, 2005
When the vagina and/or asshole are ripped forming one rift.
Damn bitch, I just ripped your vagina and made you an asscunt.
by Heywood Ublomie April 01, 2009
A term some men give their ass, which they pretend is a vagina.
Stick it in my asscunt.
by xxoo May 14, 2003
The most despicable person you know...Someone who reminds you of a vagina that looks like an asshole ...
Get fucked you ass cunt
by Jon A November 16, 2004
A woman who is an ass as well as a cunt.
That girl I fucked last night was a total asscunt, She did't even let me donkey punch her.
by conebone911 May 27, 2011
An error placed in typically proprietary software code that should never be seen by the user. Typically whenever a user sees this error, bad things happen.
Greg just got an asscunt from the server.
by Biggs Driut January 28, 2004
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