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also called preperation h 2.a dumb ass prep
britney is a ass crem/whipe
2.i use ass cream its good on the hole
by ??? February 05, 2003
12 65
cream used during anal intercourse. used as an ass lubricant.
Guy 1: when I was fucking my girlfriend, she asked me to use ass cream so my massive cock could go in and out more smoothly.

Guy 2: Nice.
by Master bait November 10, 2007
110 38
shit on a cone
its winter and its too cold for icecream so have some warm asscream instead
by Draconmag September 15, 2011
10 13
When a man inserts his penis into a partner's butthole and adds the "chocolate shell", comes back out and adds the recieving partner's favorite icecream sauce to the man's penis. Then, the recieving partner sucks and licks everything off of the penis. This goes on repeatedly. Every new addition of "chocolate shell" is called "getting a scoop".
Guy1: "So what happened to that chick you picked up?"

Guy2: "I took her to my place to get some asscream."

Guy1: "Her breath must smell like chocolate shit."
by LOL~WUT June 05, 2011
7 16
/noun/ slang term for the medicated ointment used in treating hemorrhoids; called so because it is applied to the anal orifice
Where did I put my ass cream? My hemorrhoids are killing me!
by Silky Smooth November 14, 2003
88 98
Function: abbreviation
"Assorted Creams"
The box of Russell Stover Assorted Creams was abbreviated "RS Ass Cream" on the receipt from the pharmacy.
by RyeBeachPharm February 04, 2010
18 52
When their is cum/seamen in your bum.
Man i was so drunk last night that when i woke up i had ass cream i dont even know how
by ur bother June 03, 2010
16 55
medicine for hemorroids
I went through 16 tubes of ass cream
by Da Nasty One November 11, 2004
36 79