The thing you yell when nothing else comes to mind. One of those times when you're so mad that you say something extremely irrelevant and that doesn't even make sense, when you could have just as easily said ass hole.
Tracy: Yeah, thats such a dumb thing to say no one cares.
Sam:Oh.. You...You're such a... a...
Tracy: A what?
Sam: Ass crack!!
Tracy: lol of all the things you could have said...ass hole maybe?.. wow you are just awful.
by wellblowmedown March 25, 2011
a line on your butt
put your hand on your back and go down about 5 inches and thats your ass crack
by Kinsley June 03, 2003
A no-good, rotten bastard who hasn't the courage to openly act like the true asshole that he is. A sneaky asshole.
Some low-life asscrack pitched his slurpee into my convertable while I was in the store.
by norman December 23, 2004
derogatory term used to refer to AC Asian Crips; a gang found in San Diego
Fuck asscrack, they can't fight fo shit and every gang in SD got beef with them.
by "S" moke "T" hat "D" rink November 06, 2007
The newest drug on the streets developed by ken...
Ken: dude... i got high feels so good
Anthony: on what man
Ken: asscrack
by Darkkayos0 November 25, 2007
An exclaimitory statement used to express frustration.
Some dickhead cuts you off in traffic. Instead of resorting to road rage, you shout at the top of your lungs..."ASS CRACK!"
by Big Dick McGee August 26, 2003
the crack of an ass that can veiwed by male or female sex
nik is such an ass crack
by steveo758 February 17, 2008
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