comes from the word Ashkandi which in World of Warcraft is a nice two handed weapon
ashkandi or :ass candy" droped last night and my guild is still bitching aboutit
by pecial August 16, 2006
Top Definition
Noun. A rather good looking piece of ass. Ass that is nice to look at. Ass that is perfect in every way that attract the eye of the public. Like eye candy, except focused on the ass, opposed to the whole good looking person.
Jen has such a great ass, she's some ass candy man
by r.a.g August 20, 2007
It is a cocktail. It contains 3 oz amaretto almond liqueur and 12 oz cherry cola.
Rachel: What are you drinking, there?
Joey: Ass Candy.
Ross: Give me a glass of that!
by FriendsFan2006 June 20, 2009
A nickname for a hemorrhoid or laxative suppository.
1) My hemorrhoids are flaring up; I need a piece of ass candy to get some relief.

2) I'm constipated; I need a piece of ass candy to get me moving.
by Toby Radloff June 12, 2008
A Dutch hard or soft candy, or lollipop that at first appears and tastes sweet, but evolves into something truly disgusting and terrifying. Found at most Dutch candy stores, as well as at select restaurants disguised as after dinner mints or sweets.
"Hey Brooney! how is that brown lollipop you got after dinner?"

"Ugh, typical Dutch ass candy"
by Yaotai August 26, 2009
a super hot or gorgeous guy/girl
OMG! That was some major yummy ass candy we saw at the concert.
by Bananny June 10, 2009
1. Bits of crap that hang on the ass fluff around the a-hole. Often induce vomiting, when rimming someone with ass candy.

2. Candy for the ass. Like eye candy. A male that you wouldnt mind having in your ass.

3. A really nice bum!
'Shit, kevin had some manky ass candy in his fluff!! I was vomming for the rest of the arvie. I dont think i will be seeing him again, until he learns to use toilet roll.'

Person 1-'Now that is some nice piece of ASS'!!
Person2-'I'm not gonna lie to you, that is some lovely eye candy'!
Person 1-'and ass candy!'

Wow, that ass is nice! Its ass candy!!
by AliceW January 08, 2009
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