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This syndrome causes a large posterior by eating fast food burgers every day
Irma developed ass burgers syndrome after eating at McDonald's every day for a year.
by weasel990 March 24, 2010
This is when a retarded person eats nothing but McDonalds which results in severe constipation as the partially digested burgers get stuck in the ass.
"James is autistic which has contributed to his ass-burgers syndrome. The local McDonalds has been instructed by the authorities to serve James no more than five burgers a day so as not to exacerbate his ass-burgers syndrome."
by ernie jerkwater December 27, 2011
it is when your body (most likely ass)
shits out burgers. it is very painfull but only a myth
hey my friend just got dignost with Assburgers Syndrome
by pyrosef August 12, 2008