A sensitive place of possible futute pleasure that is located between the males tesicles and the anal opening. AKA The bit between you ass and your balls, or, Gooch.

When a certain female/male is providing satisfactory oral stimulation he/she licks a tender patch of skin between the two areas, "ass ball connection" AKA When a dude or chick goes down on your balls and licks your gooch.
by Timafee June 15, 2008
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The mysterious area that is between your balls and your ass. Often called the ABC.
An example of using the term ass-ball connection in every day life:

Guy 1: Dude how'd you like that uppercut to the balls?
Guy 2: Nah, man you got me in the ABC, just missed.
Guy 1: Ooh, damn.
by voldyvoldyvoldamort January 14, 2010

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