A person who asks for your advice,yet always does the opposite of what you told them.
Friend-"I am so worried, my cat is sick,what do I do?"
You-"Take him/her to the vet to be safe."
Friend-"Nah,I'm just going to wait and see what happens."
You-" If you're not going to take my advice why ask then?"
Friend-"uh I don't know..because I am an askhole?"
by pegmom3 July 10, 2012
1) A person who always asks a lot of questions and your advice, yet never takes your advice.

2) A person who is generally annoying due to amount of questions they ask.
Oh my god, he is such an askhole, he always asks for advice and does whatever he was going to do anyway.
by Night.ER.Ninja August 18, 2014
The type of person who is always asking for advice, yet never takes it, preferring to fart around and waste everybody's time, often doing the totally contrary thing to the advice given.
Jeremy is such an askhole - he came for advice on this and ignored my years of experience; as a result, he lost a packet.
by Raggle Frock July 20, 2015
One who constantly asks for your advice, yet always does the complete opposite of what you told/advised them to do.
Dave asked if he should date this girl, and while everyone said no, he proceeded to date her, Dave is what we call an askhole.
by Gmone June 29, 2015
Askhole - a person who constantly ask for your advice , yet always does the opposite of what you told them
Person 1 : i don't know how to deal with Joe any advice?
Person 2 : tell him that you no longer have feelings for him because of the way he treats you
Person 1 : OK (calls Joe , ends up being a booty call )
*next day*
Person 1 : God, joe keeps hurting me and i dont know how to deal with it...
Person 2 : ... really your such a Askhole
by StarLaBomb August 11, 2015
An interrogator or someone who asks so many questions that it makes you feel uncomfortable.
"Quit being such an askhole and mind your own business."
by laulau June 13, 2015
A jackass who is always asking your opinion but then does the complete opposite.
Frisch keeps asking me what to do about money. I tell that fool to get a job. But she still sitting around collecting disability. What an askhole.
by TizzleFoShizzle May 27, 2015
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