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Someone who asks for your advice, but never uses it; like an asshole, but instead "ask" hole.
Ask-Hole: Hey Merissa, do you think I should wear the mini skirt, the leggings, or the hoochie shorts?

Merissa: Definitely the hoochie shorts! They make you look PHAT.

Ask-Hole: Ehh I think I'll wear the mini skirt it accentuates my cooka.

Merissa: You're such an Ask-Hole!
by Bholmes_xo June 07, 2014
someone who asks for your opinion and then does whatever they want anyway
My wife asked my opinion about buying a new dress. I told her it was an unnecessary purchase. She preceded to act like an askhole and bought it anyway.
by Orb70 February 20, 2014
One who constantly asks demanding, tedious, and inconvenient favors of others.

The askhole is known to ask a bullshit favor of practically anyone, will selfishly never reciprocate, and is often incapable of concealing his/her lack of interest in/concern for anyone else's lives. A typical askhole believes himself/herself to be a good friend.
ASKHOLE: Hey can I borrow your truck to go travelling for 6 months?
GOOD GUY: Umm...
ASKHOLE: Cheers, bud.

ASKHOLE: Hey can I have half of your sandwich?
GOOD GUY: Well, I'm pretty hungry...
ASKHOLE: K, cheers, dude *munch*
by bigbenbooty February 10, 2014
A person that continues to ask the same question to the same (or multiple) people until he/she gets the answer he/she wants.
Me : Lili asked me if you could jailbreak iOS9 . I told her you can't.

Friend 1 : Haha.. Yeah.. she asked mee the exact same thing

Friend 2 : Me too... About half an hour later she told me i was wrong, and she found a place online that can do it.

Friend 1 : But i already told her iOS9 isn't even out yet!

Me : Yeah.. me too.. I guess an askhole only hears what she wants to hear ..
by akubeejays October 11, 2013
When someone asks you for advice, then does the exact opposite of what you told them to do. = Askhole
That dude just asked me, "where do I catch the eastbound..?" I told him, then pointed him in the right direction, and still, he went the other way. What an askhole!
by brendon69 July 07, 2014
A person who constantly asks for your advice, yet always does the opposite of what you told them
Your a askhole, I told you to do this first

Why your being such a askhole Why did you do that
by LegitSoulja July 02, 2014
A person who constantly asks for your advice, yet always does the totally opposite of what you told them.
Ask<Hole I know plenty of askholes.
by whatsUp! January 18, 2014