The annoying person in class who asks questions merely to make points with the instructor.
I wish Timmy would stop with the endless inane questions during class. He is such a brown-nosing ask hole!
by P. Pie June 07, 2007
A person who constantly asks for your advice, yet always does the exact opposite of what you told them.
I told Audrey not to go out with that guy because she would just get hurt. But she did anyway, stupid askhole.
by prettyboyswaqq814 July 25, 2012
Someone who asks too many stupid, pointless,retarted questions.
Joe your a askhole quit asking retarted stuff about Guild Wars.
by Impact_Dark August 06, 2007
a person who always asks for your advice, but continues to do the exact opposite
My BFF has turned into such an ask-hole when it comes to her boyfriend.
by Dr. Vegas Rosebud May 30, 2013
Someone who constantly asks for your advise then does the exact opposite of what you told them.
When my boss asks me how to fix an issue with the team and I give her an educated suggestion - she does the opposite. She is such an Ask Hole!
by shellellie July 29, 2012
A person who constantly ask for your advice, yet always does the opposite of what you told them.
"Hey, should I break up with Sherry?"
"Yeah, I haven't seen you smile in two years dude."
*Asks her to marry him instead*
Freakin Askholes!
by Crystizzle February 23, 2012
Someone who asks for your advice but then, does the exact opposite.
Most of my friends are askholes.
by Mandogy May 21, 2015

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