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ignorant or overly stupid
resembling an ass
his suggestion to get some phat boots seemed asinine, considering she had no legs.
by thejohns January 22, 2005
Absurd, or dumb.
"Your opinions on that subject are completely asinine."
by Lindsay December 08, 2003


1. Something utterly ridiculous or lacking sense.
2. Something relating to or resembling an ass.


1. The act of being an asshole.
2. The act of being a retard.
3. The act of being stupid.
4. The act of being ignoramus.


1. That's an asinine plan.
2. That piece of "art" is asinine.


That guy's asinine, in all meanings of the word.
by Jafje September 16, 2007
Individuals who participate in crossfit
Wow, those crossfitters are asinine for lifting more than they can handle and letting weights fall on their head.
by Wanderlusty June 06, 2015
1. It literally means "like an ass (donkey)."

2. Stupid and/or stubborn.

3. Belligerent as can be.
1. He was the most asinine person that I have ever met. He wouldn't listen to anyone, and drove drunk and got a DUI and woke up in the drunk tank.

2. I just wanted to slap the crap out of that asinine person!

3. If she was any more annoyingly asinine she would have a tail on her backside.
by IrishDaddy2U April 12, 2010
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