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American school in Japan
High reputation for good students, class spirit, and diversity.
Oh... but did i mention, the reputation of THE HARDEST PARTAAAYERS? when were not in school... were all hitting up the clubs and bars. Girls are fine.. boys, could use a little reality check, but other than that its all awesomeness.
You should defff enroll.
i want to go to asij!
by soshi June 14, 2008
a good shcool, good education...some good teachers. The students need a reality check. Most run to mommy and daddy for money and get about 200 dollars a week for allowence. They think they're so cool when they go drinking...even though its impossible to be cool in asij just because it's not cool. The guys have serious issues, they're all douches. The girls are too full of themselves. The kids here there have no idea what the real world is like.
"asij sucks." or
"Dont go to asij."
by hi55443333 April 17, 2010
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