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A freaking awesome Asian
Dan Wang is an Asian Sensation, George Quin is not!!!!
by Matty F January 30, 2005
one who is far above all other asians; having favorable traits, overall coolness for an asian.
Not only is Theresa Yoon wicked gorgeous, she is all an asian sensation
by Ron H. March 03, 2005
one of Asian Heritage that has made a dramatic impact on soceity
Ever since that kid named Wayne Tieperfected his ninja blast he became an asian sensation.
by DeathHasCome November 02, 2004
One that is a gamer, typically of Asian heritage that is either a mouse scroller in such games listed: Day of Defeat Source, Counter Strike 1.6 and Source. If not scrolling he usually dominates the gaming world. In this per-say gaming world he goes for the domination of people named Arachnid. With that domination he will usually rage against Arachnid.
Devan - "Hey Joe wanna scrim tonight"
Joe - "I can't really play tonight Asian Sensation i'm too busy mulging kids in HoN."
Devan - "Seriously Joe? what is your problem, why are you always a buzz killer"
Joe - "I'm sorry i just can't play tonight Asian Sensation"
Devan - "Fine, we'll just have to play this dead game alone"
by A man named Fuzz February 06, 2010
when an asian gives you remarkable/extreme pleasure/sensations anywhere on your body. Includes when an asian caresses and strokes/touches you excessively in pleasurable fashions. (some asians have special tricks btw ;))(asian invasion)
"Willy Wang, my boyfriend, is over there. He gives me extreme asian sensation all night long. He has awesome tricks up his pant leg ;)"
by Azn-4-life July 06, 2006
a superhuman of asian ethnicity.
look, it's tastuma kunimoto the asian sensation.
by Foop88 October 11, 2009
any famous, rich, or popular Asian person you know, or the world knows
Jackie Chan is an Asian Sensation!

Dude i wish i was an Asian Sensation like Ping Lee.
by noah eastwood March 06, 2010
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