Hottest! i.e. HYori Lee, Ayoomi Lee, BOA (who everyone knows for the song "Eat You Up")

they are prized possessions if you ever get the chance to date them and deserve to be treated with respect and be loyal to them because they have no tolerance for cheaters or scum, only respectable men
Asian girls are so cool I love all of their cultures!
by smors234 July 21, 2009
(1) a young woman from Asia

(2) A figment of the collective non-Asian imagination; people who appear to have heritage from a country within the continent of Asia, and as a result are subject to a slew of stereotypes from people around the world including (but not limited to) being exotic, innocent, submissive, brainy, hyper sexual, short, good at math, skinny, or foreign

(3) An identity created by people who appear to be of Asian descent, because no matter where they go outside of Asia they are perceived to be of an exotic homogeneous race; a term often used by Asian Americans to unify for political, social or economic purposes

(4) one of the most commonly searched terms adjacent to "porn"
(1) A: Did you meet anyone interesting at the party?
B: Yes, I met an Asian girl who just arrived from the Philippines.

(2) A: (walking up to a girl with straight black hair and almond-shaped eyes) I love Asian girls.
B: I'm Colombian.


A: (walking up to a girl with straight black hair and almond-shaped eyes) I love Asian girls.
B: You mean you love all the women from the dozens of countries in Asia who all have different cultures, languages, governments and economies? That's nice. I'm from the U.S.


A: I didn't study for the math test!
B: Just cheat off the Asian girl, Chung Lee. She has to be smart.


Puff Daddy: "My aim is winnin got Asian women that’ll change my linen after I done blazed and hit'em."

(3) I like to be around other Asian girls so I'm going to join an Asian sorority.


The Asian American Journalists Association created a scholarship for Asian girls who have bright futures in the media.


The Organization of Chinese Americans condemns hate crimes against Asian girls.

(4) One of the most popular search terms in 2007 was "porn Asian girl hardcore."
by momochacha February 26, 2008
best girls on earth
can't speak English
cook good food
nice asses
great sex
and horizontal vaginas
what's better than that
Dude 1: Dude , i totally just fucked this asian chick last night and she had a horizontal vag.
Dude 2: Are you fucking serious man ?!?!? I wish i could get some asian girls !!!!!
by th3 t00t3r January 08, 2009
just making a few corrections for one of the defintions its spelled Hyori Lee with a Y and for non asian people who dont know this Ahyoomee Lee should not be confused with Ayumi Lee, one is Korean and the other one is Japanese
asian girl s have many different names but some of them can sound similar
by zomg575 August 01, 2009

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