Not all Asians are Chinese, Japanese, or Koreans...

Not all Asians eat with Chopsticks...
Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iraq, India and the others are still Asians...
by random person 06 February 13, 2010
People living in, or having ancestors from, the continent of Asia or some part of Asia. In the United States, "Asians" are people with ancestors from south Asia, east Asia, and southeast Asia -- that is, anywhere in the triangle between Pakistan, Japan, and Indonesia.

In the United Kingdom, south Asians, but not east or southeast Asians, are considered "Asians". This generally means people with ancestors from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and nearby areas.
Q: Why are there so few Asians in Fresno?
A: Fresno has plenty of Asians, especially southeast and south Asians; you need to abandon your 1980s conception of "Asians" as meaning only east Asians.
by San José March 30, 2008
someone who was or had ancestors born in Asia. This includes China, Japan, Korea, Philippines, etc. There are many sterotypes about Asians, some true and some completely false. Here are a few:

MOST Asians are smart. Or at least have common sense. (true)
Asians are bad drivers. (well, not all Asians.)
All Asians don't speak English. (wtf. just cuz we're asian doesn't mean we cant speak english)
Asians have many children. (true, but only cuz they dont like cutting off the amount of children they have)
Asians eat dogs, cats, and need rice. (sure, we eat those things. whatever. btw, rice balances out flavors, making almost all foods taste good.)
Asians are always beautiful. (false. im an asian, and honestly, im not "perfect". but thanks for the compliment...?)
Asians are nerdy. (true. but a good kind of nerdy. their so called "nerdiness" is just their kind of epicness. and a lot of ppl actually like their nerdiness.)

So yeah, Asians are normal, they just don't look or act like other people. But remember, that's what makes them awesome.
Todd: Hey, who's that? Over there?
Paul: Oh, her? That's Kim. She's Asian and she pretty fun.
by simply_jj October 08, 2011
A person born in Asia. Usually has slanted eyes but not all the time. They are sometimes known as "yellow". They do get good grades though, because their parents will kill them if they get a B(in 50% of cases, because asian parents want their kids to get a good future). For them; A=acceptable, B= banned, C= chopstick spanking, D=Dumpling Death, and F=**** . They are typically good kids who work hard and get a good job. Many stereotypes about them are somewhat true but do not apply to all of them.
Mrs. Hyun Jung oon: ''What did you get on your test?''
Hyun Jung oon: "uhh, a D"
Mrs. Hyun Jung oon: "Son, do you want to DIE''
by yah bruh January 27, 2015
the hottest freaking girls ever!!!! i.e.- Hyori Lee, Kumi Koda, Ayoomi Lee <333
Asians have such hot girls!!! I want an asian girlfriend
by aeiou7005 July 12, 2009
the coolest people on earth
dude: is she asian?

dude2: yea

dude: wow, she must be cool
by erica March 15, 2005
1. (noun) the most beautiful and perfect type of female in the universe.

NOTE: in extreme cases an individual may be so captivated by asians that his/her perception of beauty is horribly distorted
1. i love asian girls, they are just so perfect.
by marcoose the caboose October 20, 2011

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