Oh k i am an asian and i don't appreciate the fact that people make fun of asians for having small eyes and we can't drive friggan cars because we can't see shit with them and that asian guys have small penises or saying dumb shit like 'ching chang chong?' which is like fucken gibberish to us. like i mean i laugh at the asian jokes like how do you blind fold an asian???........DENTAL FLOSS or you go up to an asian with pigtails and say ohh what is the matter did your mom tie your pigtails to tight (get it because of your eyes) but i think that you "haters" who criticize us asians are just jealous that you can't be as smart as us and have such AMAZING skills in badminton or ping pong or math just watch one day ASIANS will rule the world and then we'll see who is laughing now bitch! and asians are not fucken anoyying and not EVERYONE hates asians dumb asians suck and ??? stupid pussies that wont tell their name because thay are scared to tell an asian straight to their face they suck come on if you say they are so short and have small balls then i think you should be able to do that.
Asians are the greatest !!!
by Steph<3 July 30, 2006
Asians are the all-powerful beings who can do anything. They are close to the top of the life chain (think like the food chain). The only beings that are more powerful than Asians are Vin Diesel and Chuck Norris. The only reason we do not actually see Asians doing these divine feats is because they do not want us to see them. Because of this all of the asian countries have actors in them that pretend to walk around and go to work like normal people, that way they wont seem too powerful. If their power is too great they might make it seem like something totally different. For example, all hurricanes are the result of a Asian child who spun too fast on the Merry-Go-Round.
Me: Shit, there's an asian in this contest, we can't win...
Other Guy: Damn, you're right.

Asian: *sneezes*
World: *explodes*
Asian: Oops...

God: Grrr, those Asians always make me look bad...
by GreatHammurabi July 06, 2006
only the smartest people on earth duh
person A : hey are you asian too?
person B : HELL YEAH
person a and b later figured out a formula to end global warming
by theboredguydownthestreet June 20, 2010
"Asians", in the U.S., are folks with ancestors from south Asia, east Asia, and southeast Asia -- anywhere in-between Pakistan, Japan, and Indonesia.
Sushi, curry, boba tea, nasi goreng, and halo-halo are all made by Asians.
by sjcx March 31, 2008
Well I would like to first say in this definition that I have an Uncle from Japan so I know what I'm talking about when I write this.

A common Stereotype for an Asian (On This Site):

"Asians all have small eyes"

Well I have some startling News for all you racists out there: You can generally be part Asian and still look Caucasian.

And I am Japanese and Caucasian so I know. I look Caucasian. Its just my Uncle that makes me Japanese.

Another stereotype:

I've heard people say that Asians have "Small Penises". Well you're going too far right there.

Thats just mean distasteful and offensive. Seriously.

Who would want to be stereotypes like that? Nope I didn't think so.

Stop Stereotyping The Asians!
by Tamachi September 12, 2007
What's with all the bullshit about us not being able to drive? Have you been to Asia and seen all the drivers? Damn right Americans, we drive a hell of a lot better than you.
Jim : Who's that driving at 120 and still being able to stay on the road?

Bill : That's an Asian.
by Fuck life. Fuck you. February 12, 2011
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