*first of all, you don't need to be writing a definition about asians if you're not one 'cause you'll just make some stuff up like that straight A crap everyone thinks we're all able to do*

People who are decendents from Asia, or born from decendents. Lol.

Japanese,Korean,Chinese,Thai,Laos,Cambodia,Malaysia,Mongolia,Phillipenes, Vietnamese, India, and any other I forgot to mention.

*Not all of us are straight A students :P dumbass stereotypes...*
I am Asian :D
by aZnLooZer000 May 30, 2009
Someone who is from the far east. Not to be confused with azn.

Even though the continent of Asia is implyed, typically "Asian" does not include Russians, Indians, Pakistanis, etc.
I am from Japan, China, Vietnam, Korea, or Cambodia, etc. Therefore, I am Asian.
by boohiss May 20, 2004
I'm so tired of this azn4life and shit. I'm Asian and I think that Asians are just people from Asia.
Asians are just people
by Zhenia August 05, 2007
People of Asia.
End of story.

A lot of the definitions, and comments are just plain embarrassing. They're honestly just making us look worse. What I have just said is the only definition, stop connecting things to something so simple. There shouldn't be any connotation to this word, just a simple definition.
asian4eva224534: We are the best, and so cool!
Me: No.
asian4eva224534: You are just jealous, you are not a true Asian!
Me: .. No. Shut up.

person3847: You fucking Asians with your small ass eyes, no wonder you can't drive go back to Asia!
Me: What the fuck, I have bigger eyes than you.
by Sincerely, Tiffany December 09, 2008
Asian's have a beautiful culture. And the most brilliant, respectful, and inspiring religion comes from the Asian country Tibet which, incase you were wondering, is Buddhism. I would have to say that Asian people know what's going on.
Our inability to stand someone results from our lack of cultivation.

Having a wider heart and mind is more important than having a larger house.

Happiness does not come from having much, but from being attached to little.
-Venerable Cheng Yen
by B-dog May 03, 2005
(1)Commonly used by brain-dead, moronic idiots in the United States as a word referring to East Asians, that is, the Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans when in fact being Asian simply means your ancestors originated somewhere on the continent of Asia, not counting Russia and other places like that which identify as being part of Europe.

(2)It is also a popular porn category for males who equate East Asian females with hot mindless horny fuckable sex objects and will attempt to approach and rape any female with what they perceive are 'Asian' characteristics.
(1)Asian is an inclusive category which refers to people from Iran, Israel, China, Bangladesh, Iraq, Japan, Korea, India, Malaysia, Nepal, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Yemen, Lebanon, Thailand, Bahrain, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Macau, Turkey, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Qatar, Pakistan, Maldives, Phillipines, Brunei, Oman, Jordan etc.

(2)Horny, sweaty Caucasian male: *points towards a Chinese girl* OH GOD THAT ASIAN IS HOT LET'S RAPE HER.
by Die, BITCHES. November 15, 2008
a person from asia. duh. it does not insinuate anything in particular as asians came look and act in many different ways.
two of my best friends are asian, so is my boyfriend
by dfhaldkfjahlskdjfhalkdsjfh January 20, 2010
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