the ultimate race. Everyone wants to be one, this was where hello kitty was born.
by azzzzznloveeeee June 02, 2009
I'm asian and i realized that the world is fucked up and needs to stop hating. just because we are stated to have small eyes or small penises is fucking stupid. Wanna know my size? look down in my pants. just stop all the hating.
asians are asians.
white people are white people
black people are black people
we are who we are. dont judge.
by buahaha November 04, 2007
A race of people originally hailing from Asia. Many stereotypes are associated with Asian-Americans, mainly dealing with high intelligence, educational prowess, pushy parents, small dicks, hot women, and World of Warcraft. As a non-Asian whose friends are 90% Asians, I can verify that most of these stereotypes are, in fact, true.
White Guy: Did you hear that William got 105 on that algebra test?
Other White Guy: Well, duh, he's Asian.

White Guy: Dude, Angela is so hot!
Other White Guy: Well, duh, she's Asian.

Asian Guy: We pwn at WOW.
Other Asian Guy: Well, duh, we're Asian.
by Stupid Corn October 16, 2007
Contrary to a lot of definitions out there I really think Asians are people who belong to the continent of Asia, not just individuals of Chinese Japanese Korean Vietnamese or Cambodian origin.
Asia comprises of various countries, the inhabitants of which are Asians.
by XYZ June 19, 2004
A race of people from Asia or have Asian in their blood.

Not everyone in this race is from a slut, nor gets straight As, nor is amazing at computer games. Stop with the biased definitions!

Lets set everyone straight:

No race is "stupid" or "slutty" or plain fat asses. Caucasians, Asians, Latinos, African-Americans, etc: we all are people. So don't stereotype and stop making up these crazy facts.

And who the hell cares if one race is hotter than the other or one race has the geeks? Seriously.
James: Dude did you see that Asian girl? She looks like such a slut.

Ben: Shut the fuck up! Stop stereotyping, and that happens to be my friend! She's not a slut. *punches*
by supergreen12 October 02, 2009
Sometimes, what we are just might be a good excuse for everything...
Boyfriend: Why was that 40 year old guy talking to you?!?
Girl: Uh, probably because I'm Asian?
Boyfriend: Ha ha, oh! I get you. Asian fever. Heh heh.
by Banana Fone July 22, 2008
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