An individual typically from Eastern or Southeast Asia (Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, Thailand etc.) and demonstrates some or most of the ff. traits:

1) Short in stature
2) Gets superb grades
3) Prioritizes school amongst everything else
4) Has strict, somewhat racist parents
5) Fond of bubble tea, Anime/hentai, videogames, martial arts, noodles, dim sum and drifting
6) Very frugal (I repeat, VERY FRUGAL)
7) Tend to have low self-confidence resulting in either shyness or inferiority complex (which results to overachieving)
8) Idolize white people of the opposite sex but look down on black people
Mei is your typical Asian. She is petite, very thrifty, gets straight As, loves bubble tea and is dating a white guy.
by ss69 August 14, 2007
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the race with the hottest girls.
i bang asian girls.
by Mr.Sir June 22, 2007
(Attempting to add a decent, more serious and accurate definition to the lot.)

In the United States, the most common use of the word refers to people originating from East and Southeast Asia (China, Japan, South/North Korea, Vietnam, among others). Indians and Pakistanis might be referred to as South Asians, where as Filipinos and Samoans might be called Pacific Islanders.

In England, "asian" most commonly refers to people of Indian or Pakistani descent, whereas "oriental" might refer to East and Southeast Asians (NOTE: "oriental" is certainly considered politically incorrect in the United States).
- I know she's Asian, but where is her family from?
- I think they emigrated here from Vietnam some years ago.

The Asian students presented a traditional Indian dance to their classmates.
by amg May 02, 2003
A person who is from a eastern oriental country such as China, Japan, or Korea. Asians are usually smart and have the following aspects although not limited to:
1. straight A's
2. strict parents
3. good at Math and Science
4. superb SAT and ACT scores
5. Ivy League college oriented
6. some can break dance and rap
7. good at video games
8. generally dominates at anything they set out to do

also, asians are considered nerds, but more of a cool-nerd type.
asian 1: hey, i got 2320 on my SAT!
asian 2: i got 2350!
asian 1: damn!

asian 3: fuck! i got an A- in english. shit, my parents are gonna kill me.

by definerX April 07, 2007
- A person from Asia or with Asian roots (that is it, nothing more, nothing less)

Common stereotypes:
- All Asians are martial artists: A lot are, but not all.
- Asians have small eyes: Not true, Asians have tighter skin, whilst Europeans have looser skin. This is also true in the eye region. Therefore giving the impression that Asians have smaller eyes when this is not true.
-Asians have small penises: FALSE! Almost all academic study and scientific research ever undertaken has proven that Asian penises are just as large as Caucasian penises. The average for both are approximately 5.5 to 6 inches. However, Asian men do not stray far from this average, whilst Caucasian men do. For every Caucasian man with a 9 inch penis, there is one with a 3 inch one. And for every Asian with a 7 inch penis, there is one with a 5 inch one. There are more Caucasians with large penises, but there are also more Caucasians with smaller penises. Yes, penises smaller than Asians. This is fact! This information has also been known for a long time, but people like to perpetuate myths.
-Asians are short: This is not genetic and not necessarily true. A lot of Asians are short due to diet. It lacks protein and dairy. It is healthier and hence Asians tend to live longer, but it does not promote physical growth as much. However, for Asians with a "Western" diet, they tend to be just as tall, if not taller than their Caucasian counterparts. A lot of the tallest people on earth are Asian. A famous example is NBA star Yao Ming.
- Asians are smart: This stereotype is actually true. Asians have one of the highest average IQ's in the world. The average Asian American IQ is approximately 120, whilst the Average Caucasian American is approximately 100. However, just like penis size, the IQ varies greatly for Caucasians and less for Asians. There is a higher percentage of Caucasians with very high IQ's (around 150) than Asians. Although for every Caucasian with an IQ of 150, there are Caucasians with an IQ of only 50.
- All Asians are rich/poor: There is a stereotype that Asians are either really rich or poor third world people. Since the two conflict with each other, it is obvious that neither is true. There are rich and poor Asians, just like rich and poor White and Black people.
- Asian women are submissive, subservient, sex craving, etc. Asian men are dominating, patriarchal, sexist etc: False! Asian women are given a lot of respect and power by Asian men. Asian women can also be materialistic, agressive and dominating (ask any man who has dated an Asian). Many Asian countries treat women as equals and many women keep their surnames. In Asian culture, it is generally accepted that the man does the talking in public and act gentlemanly, whilst the woman has control at home. In Western culture, it is the opposite. Caucasian women are given the impression of power in public, but is often told that the kitchen is her place at home. "A man's home is his castle" is a Western saying. "Women hold up half the heavens" is Asian. There have been no female presidents, but there have been female emperors in Asia.
- All Asians are "blah": False. Half the world's population is Asian. How can "ALL" Asians (approx. 3 billion people) be any particular thing?

Stop the hating, stop the racism. It tears our communities apart. No race is superior to another's.
"The average penis is 5.5 to 6 inches. Mine is way longer and bigger than that, this is because I'm Asian."
"All Asians are <insert anything here> since I've personally met all 3 billion of them. Or maybe I'm just ignorant and know nothing about Asians."
"Most Asians are good people. They start up businesses, offer services to communities, raise the country's GDP, pay their taxes, boost the country's economy and share with everyone their culture."
by Academics December 16, 2005
A person from asia or is directly related to a person from asia.(children, parents, sibliings, etc.)
Chinese, Cambodians, Japanese, Koreans, Indians, etc.
by rei February 20, 2005
im so tired of asians who think they are the best and have sns like aznboi4life and shit. i am asian and i dont think we are better than anyone else. asians are just people from asia
asians are just people
by ??? August 02, 2004
Person originally from asia.
There are many asians.
by Anonymous User 5 August 18, 2005
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