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The point at which only one man has achieved through alcoholic intake. It is worse than buzzed, tipsy, drunk, wasted, and shit-faced...Asian Zing has only been achieved by Edmundo, and will remain that way.
"Dude, did you see how Asian-Zing Edmundo was last night?"
"Yeah man, he was yellin' at us and shit."
"Typical Asian Zing."
by CJSTUD November 17, 2007
A non-fictional character in the book "She Fucked My Goose" on Amazon. She is the female character that takes care of business while the character "BD" eats tacos. Its the most popular chapter in the book.
Did you read the story that had Asian Zing in it? Asian Zing is the main character in the chapter about tacos and the turtle racing bar in Marina Del Rey.
by VegasBD February 14, 2010