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pride in being asian
asian solidarity
gutsy asians have asian pride and aren't afraid to feel it, know it, or express it
such as the same pride that whites and blacks assume, how is this different?
by piper January 24, 2004
The slogans for azn's to make banana's and fobs join them. The asians who have "asian pride" are usually raised in North America, have spiked or bleached hair, listen to rap/hiphop/techno and love japanese-brand cars. They try to eliminate the bad asian stereotypes and that is the main reason why non-asians hate them. Non-asians love to pick on the nerdy fob's who can't defend themselves, but now have to deal with with the unscared, numerous amount of azn's.
if this definition gets a low rating, it's because the haters want to put us down, so that only the bucktoothed asian stereotypes exist...
by whats_a_pseudonym February 14, 2005
A term used to combat other 'pride' groups, allowing Asians to band together to preserve their status, culture, heritage and respect. Unknowingly causes the stereotyping of many Asian cultures into one generic one, ironically eliminating the point of having something like "asian pride". Members of this generic culture call themselves "azns" and forget the differences between their nationality and other Asian ones.

This 'azn' group is often known for its love of rice, import cars, and Asian celebrities (ex. Yao Ming, William Hung).
"got rice bitch? azn pryde 4 life"
"hahah William Hung rocks! asian pride!"
by ShinsengumiRocky January 28, 2006
Something that Asian Americans show off so much that is a real embarasement. And where the hell did the FUCKING phrase "GOT RICE" coem from. Not all asians eat rice every single day. STOP FRICKEN EMBARASSING OUR RACE!!!!!!!!!!!! But a little aZn PrYdE can't be too bad sometimes.
Theres no example to asian pride.
by aZnKyd August 28, 2006
1) some asshole made it up and now it's a racist saying

2) at the park on "the box" someone wrote asian pride
Yellow Boy: Yeah GGG JIN?
Jack: Motherfucker yo, yellow pride, lets go kill some whities tonight
Yellow Boy: Sure man
by Jackie November 16, 2003
the belief that asians can do something good
that guy who spends all day playing counter-strike has what they call "asian pride"
by Pyro Jim October 17, 2004
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