An actor who was good on "That 70's Show" but is utterly pathetic in all other roles.
WTF? Ashton Kutcher is doing a MOVIE!? I gagged enough the last time I watched Punk'd!
by AngryAmishMafia May 25, 2004
An ugly white-bread loser who only got famous cuz he's bangin that old chick
What's up with his retarded looking haircut anyway, makes him look like a little kid
by kelly kapowski April 17, 2005
A slightly above avergae looking guy. Acting skils..... limited. Can be funny sometimes. All and all not bad
I cant hate on Ashton, cuz Demi would whip my butt.
gorgeous man who has great hair and a sexy body
i am mrs. ashton kutcher so back off :)
by juney cromer August 02, 2007
One of the worst actors ever. He can't act and all his movies/telivision shows have been flops (except that 70s show)
Ashton Kutcher is one dumb fuck
by Idiot Paranoia June 28, 2004
Hott...awsome actor n just an awesome Guy for my friend megan!!
Ashton is the best guy ever!
by Brooke September 15, 2004
Ashton is only famous for his looks. He is not funny and people that think he is funny should rot in hell.
Ashton is a fag.
by Jenny July 02, 2004

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