A low-talent "actor/model" and ladies man that likes MILFs. From... That 70's Show, Punk'd, and crappy movies.
Ashton Kutcher was scoping out your mom dude.
by deez-nillas September 30, 2003
funny ass motherfucker on that 70's show.
he was Micheal kelso...
now hes a washed up wannabe wigger that tries to trick people on tv...
woah, kelso just touched donna's boob
8th grade girl: i wanna fuck ashton kutcher
by toxicrat2 January 10, 2010
The most overrated guy in showbiz! Whoever gave him a movie deal needs to die!!, and quick before another one comes out!!!!
person 1: hey lets get that new movie with ashton kutcher!

person 2: STOP!!!! that movie is shit!! Just drop it quick and step away!!!
by Ben Goodwin July 11, 2004
Ashton Kutcher - Became an Instant dad the moment he got on with Demi Moore. (See Instant Dad)
Mother fucking ashton kutcher, the guy that became instant dad because he is with demi moore who is a 40 something year old MILF that's still pretty OK looking.
by RandomScaper July 07, 2009
A lil queer ass. His biggest claim to fame is ( that 70s show ) and being with The now 40 somthing Demi Moore, what does she want with a 25 yr old dufus like him? Ashton Kutcher is a jack ass and he is funny lookin. He is also on the show punkd and hangs out with britney spears.
Ashton Kutcher the 25 yr old who acts like a kid.
by Barney February 27, 2005
Some punk ass sissy boy im so fuckin' tired of hearin' about! Ashton is fuckin' dog shit, and punk'd sucks ass.
Hey is that looks like shit!! Wait, no. Its just Ashton.
by WiKkEd-JuGgAlO2004 January 28, 2004
An actor who was good on "That 70's Show" but is utterly pathetic in all other roles.
WTF? Ashton Kutcher is doing a MOVIE!? I gagged enough the last time I watched Punk'd!
by AngryAmishMafia May 25, 2004
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