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usually a girl who has fallen in love with probably a chris.
who dosen't take shit from anybody and funny as hell.
who likes the arts and kisses amazingly.
who is probably your type of girlfriend . ;]
boy 1 : " damm that girl is such a ashley"
boy 2 : " ikr but shes datin chris"
boy1 : " hey ashley can i have your # ? "
ashley :" NO ! im dating a chris .

boy2 : " i told you !
by ayeeWhTIT!S March 03, 2011
Someone who loves Apples. But seems to always claim to hate them, even if they are eating one.
Me: How's that apple?
Other Person: I hate Apples *Eating an apple*
Me: You're such an Ashley.
by *Insert Unused Name Here* June 19, 2013
A beautiful person, in every way.
"She's beautiful!"
"That's Ashley!"
by Jesse James2011 August 19, 2011
Shes a really fantastic girl. She always brings a smile to my face, and she is beautiful. I love you ashley:)
Nick-Yo Ashley is fine
Mike-Bitch thats my gurl
by nigganigganigganigganigganigga August 02, 2011
An amazing person who is fun to be around, has a great sense of humor and she's definitely a mezzano. She's an awesome friend and always is true to her friends. She is my best friend :)
Marisa: Ashley's my mezzano, she's so awesome.

Scarlett: She really is awesome, and she's the best!
by Rile49 January 12, 2012
A truly beautiful woman. A one of a kind miracle containing a smile that could light a thousand moons.
Only Ashley can make me feel this way.
by Baseball Boy March 24, 2013
Always pretty and fashionable, even from childhood, the Ashleys define femininity, social status and elegance in its uttermost perfection.

They always shine wherever they go. Boys will have crushes on them, girls will futilely try to imitate them. But true class can't be imitated.

The Ashley's domain is the kind that's featured in interior design magazines. It's often a Big Fancy House that's totally out of reach for a mere mortal. And it always has a personal, unique touch, that speaks wonders of the owner. An Ashley takes care of every detail.

There's no such thing as a poor Ashley. Even if all she has is a pile of tires, she will turn them into a lavish palace worthy of her presence.

Some people may say they're snobbish, spoiled and mean. That's perfectly normal, those lesser creatures are too full of envy they can't even look at an Ashley straight in the face.

They can't handle the honesty of an Ashley. They prefer to live in their little perfect world where everyone is made equal and beautiful. Which is obviously untrue since, well, not everyone can even look or deserve to be like an Ashley.

Especially guys named Paul or Joe. Horror. Don't even sit next to them.

Only true ladies named Ashley are welcome to this exclusive club. If you aren't willing to raise the bar or to wear purple on Purple Day, stop calling yourself Ashley.
" Ashley A. may be the ringleader, but Ashley Q. is truly distinguished. And she can kick a ball like a boss. "

by Locoluis March 14, 2013