the most beautiful and gorgeous girl i have ever met, she is nice kind and caring but is often flirty
wow ashley's so sweet
by jonny fitsgibbonss June 06, 2011
A woman of pure amazingness, loves to have fun with her friends and gets too hyper without sleep. Caffiene should be a no no for her! An ashley is a woman who knows what she wants and when she wants it, she is amazing in bed, loves to be on top and always gets the job done.
I wanna hang out with Ashley!!!
by cum_n_get_it December 30, 2010
An awesome amazing girl that every guy should go out withh! She is the highlight of everyones day! She hates when ppl talk about her or her best friends. She is so bueatiful and perfect for the right guy...although life may seem hard to her,she always makes it through. She ways has her blomde moments vut insode she is very smart. Ashley is the dumb girl looking her name up on urban dictionary roght now!
Guys who read this: go ask ashley out right now!
Give her a chance! She might be obnocious or anoying but she is perfect inside!:)
Ashley is awesome!
by Mysterious 3416778 November 02, 2011
Someone who loves Apples. But seems to always claim to hate them, even if they are eating one.
Me: How's that apple?
Other Person: I hate Apples *Eating an apple*
Me: You're such an Ashley.
by *Insert Unused Name Here* June 19, 2013
A term for an amazing, perfect girl who has an amazing hine quarters that you just cant keeep your hands off of. She has an adorable dimple on the right side of her face and has the best personality in the world. She has beautiful long blonde- hair, beautiful greeenish eyes, and cat like feet. She is a perfect girl and makes you want to be a bettter person. She is the perfect combination of sexy, cute, beautiful, hot, amazing, extremely helpful and adorable. She isnt afraid of anything and makes everything fun even if your just sitting in her house. She makes you relive dreams and make them even better. She keeeps you fed and makes sure nothings wrong. And if there is something wrong she willll try and make it better. She has amazing white teeth and even thoug she could never love you as much as you love her its still worth it to have her in your life and make it last your entire life if possible. In a brief summary its the most unique, perfect girl on the planet.
Whoa Mike, that is an amazing ashley you have there.
by hunter2323 January 01, 2012
A girl whose beauty is only rival to every sun set and sun rise in the world concurrently. Naturally good at everything she puts effort into, such as dancing and drawing. She has good life goals and the determination to do her best to succeed. An amazing friend who cares enormously for everyone who shows her friendship. Of course she is an amazing girlfriend and lover, who judges her partners only on personality. She has the power to change someones life and make them truly happy with just three words and her amazing smile.
Random: Describe her to me...
Nathan: What more can I say then shes just Ashley.
Random: Woah.
by Nathank11 May 25, 2011
The most gorgeous, awesome, intelligent, hilarious, quirky, crazy person you will ever meet. She's quite the temptress, as she is widely known for her creative array of pick-up lines. (Some stem from Ludacris hits, however...) She makes the world go round and regurgitates butterflies and rainbows for the rest of us. She makes a wonderful, compassionate friend who will support you when the going gets rough. (THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID! naah but literally, no pun intended.)

Wherever you find an Ashley, you're bound to find an Allie.
"You see that raven-haired Aphrodite over there? She must be an Ashley."

HOTDAYUM I'd look better with her in between.

My boyfriend cheated on me with some fugly slore I don't know last night. I failed three tests, got rejected from all the schools I applied to and I'm missing my wallet. I think I'll talk to Ashley now. She always makes me realize that my life actually isn't a piece of crap.
by nickiminajthealligator May 10, 2012

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