A Name.
Does not determine any type of personality.
Ashley read these other definitions about how having the name, "Ashley", determines all of that persons characteristics and personality. She is ashamed of the human race.
by Uber Confused February 27, 2009
A boy's name. Yeah, that's right, it was originally a boy name's which somehow, over a few decades, turned itself around into one of the most common girl's names.

However, some dopes try to morph the name around to make it less common by using variations such as "Ashlee", "Ashleigh", "Ashlie", "Eshley", "Ashly", and so on, but that just makes it worse.
Isaak from the 1870's: Ashley, I love you.
Passerby: He's gay.

Isaak from now: I LuV u AsHLEy!!! <3
Ashley: I love you too, Isaak.
by Pocketful of Sunshine June 18, 2008
short, funny, amazing, sweet girl, often left handed, with exceptionally proficient listening skills. Ashleys make good editors, and have been known to help friends with resumes and essay writing. Also, a female with a tendency to run and jog compulsively. Latent competitive instinct very common, it frequently manifests itself in expert bread baking and marathon sessions of cinnamon roll manufacturing. People known as Ashley have a very high pain threshold while at the same time having little to no tolerance of idiots, fools and bores. An Ashley is not likely to let another person down. Different from most girls even when utterly non-descript, and proud to sing off-key.
Ashley ran 6 miles in 45 minutes today.

Better check with Ashley about that!
by ALM2010 February 03, 2010
A completely insane sister who will drive you crazy most of the time. Makes horrible choices, but come hell or high water will always have your back. She is beautiful and can get any guy she wants. No matter how many times you want to strangle her you will always love her.
She is Ashley
by mikyt319 December 13, 2010
ashley is the most amazing person in the whole wide world. she is funny,beatiful,awesome,caring,sexy,outgoing and TONS more <3 she is very forgiving and she will do ANYTHING for a friend <3 they are super fun to hangout with, and ashleys are crazy at times, but thats okay :D its one of the good qualities!
i love you Ashley!
by rachel 1234554 November 30, 2011
my lover .
the koolest person you will ever meet .
amazingly beautiful !
no guy is good enough for her .

everyone loves her .
super fast .
dumbe blondee .
klutzz .
fuhn to drink withhhh !
Me: omg i lovee ashleyy !

You: same here !
by loverrrr . November 13, 2009
the most beautiful and gorgeous girl i have ever met, she is nice kind and caring but is often flirty
wow ashley's so sweet
by jonny fitsgibbonss June 06, 2011

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