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Ashley is a crazy one. she loves long walks on the beach, lemonade. and partying... Brady and Ashley make cute couples. she likes bright things and she is addicted to facebooking.
who needs an example just look at Ashley.
by MacKenzie Wales November 30, 2009
145 87
gorgeous woman with stunning blue eyes, a beutiful smile, amazing personality and is a great friend, if you are lucky enough to know ashley then kudos to you because you must have done something right in a past life.
wow, did you see her? she's a total "ashley"
by too much drama if she knew August 29, 2010
95 43
Most Sexy As Hell Bitch Yu Will Ever Meet , She Has Great Tits And A Banging Ass , She's Funny , Nice , Amazing Hair And Eyes , And All Around , She's Just........ Absolutely Perfect In Every Single Way.
Ashley is finee as hell .
by BaybeeLove21 January 02, 2011
83 34
Okayy Ashley's the kinda girl you just DON'T wanna fuck with! she will not put up with your shit, she's AMAZING, and funny. the kinda person everyone would wanna get to know. Shes shy at first but whose not? accept Ashley likes to dance like a slut but hey shes just expressing herself. you'd be a lucky guy to EVER get a chance with her. and if you act like a friggin CRAZY PSYCHO then heyy your loss. shes an amazing friend and COUSIN to everyone she knows. don't know her? your loss! :D

shes obsessed with rap. ;p
Ashley is a GIRL who everyone loves.
don't mess with this bitch! examples? crazy ex-boyfriends hahahahhaa.
by Shelbiaaa<3 August 16, 2010
85 41
A boy's name. Yeah, that's right, it was originally a boy name's which somehow, over a few decades, turned itself around into one of the most common girl's names.

However, some dopes try to morph the name around to make it less common by using variations such as "Ashlee", "Ashleigh", "Ashlie", "Eshley", "Ashly", and so on, but that just makes it worse.
Isaak from the 1870's: Ashley, I love you.
Passerby: He's gay.

Isaak from now: I LuV u AsHLEy!!! <3
Ashley: I love you too, Isaak.
by Pocketful of Sunshine June 18, 2008
272 235
Ashley is a.... hyper person. Have you ever heard a person say L.O.L Like a thousand times? Well i have.. only from Ashley! Welll i should sayy that....

Ashley is a trust worthy person. I could probibly trust her with my life if there wasnt such things and energy drinks :P

I think she might love those more than me!

Yeahh shocker xD

Did you know Ashley drewls in her sleep? Well i doo! I watched her.

Ashley is nothing like some of these people sayy! She mayy be a ninja princess butt shes still my friend.

A really good friend :)

Soo maybe some Ashleys are mean and terrible people but this one sure isnt! :)

Ps. Yeahh im pretty much wasting my time here ;D But thats okk! :)

Ashley, your goinna see this and laugh! :D

Yess at my amazzingness.

From Your friend---

Boob-asorous-rex xD


Just a friend! :)
by Savannah errr Slutvannah March 12, 2011
49 17
short, funny, amazing, sweet girl, often left handed, with exceptionally proficient listening skills. Ashleys make good editors, and have been known to help friends with resumes and essay writing. Also, a female with a tendency to run and jog compulsively. Latent competitive instinct very common, it frequently manifests itself in expert bread baking and marathon sessions of cinnamon roll manufacturing. People known as Ashley have a very high pain threshold while at the same time having little to no tolerance of idiots, fools and bores. An Ashley is not likely to let another person down. Different from most girls even when utterly non-descript, and proud to sing off-key.
Ashley ran 6 miles in 45 minutes today.

Better check with Ashley about that!
by ALM2010 February 03, 2010
114 83