She is tall, she has soft beautiful eyes and the shade of her eyes are vibrant no matter what color they are. Her nose maybe long. Ashley is a girl who stands out in the crowds. She has great taste in clothing, she is very, very beautiful, she is well-known and popular and EVERYONE seems to fall in love with her. She is nice, sweet, wise, fun, hyper, happy, calm, loving, lovable, very intelligent and clever. She is very sensitive. She hides her emotions well and she would fall deeply in love with a man who treats her right.

On her dark side, she is a bit difficult to understand. She may distant herself from her friends. She may spend alot of time on her own. She may feel lonely and depressed.

Always try to take the opportunity to give her the comfort and love she needs. Do your part in your friendship and/or relationship with Ashley. Don't ever let go of Ashley, because you will miss her terribly.
Me: *Saying in my head* ('re so pretty I feel lucky to even be talking to you)

Me: "What is your name?"

Ashley:"I'm Ashley."

Me: "It's nice to meet you, Ashley.."
by Dingleberry3 September 30, 2012
Most Sexy As Hell Bitch Yu Will Ever Meet , She Has Great Tits And A Banging Ass , She's Funny , Nice , Amazing Hair And Eyes , And All Around , She's Just........ Absolutely Perfect In Every Single Way.
Ashley is finee as hell .
by BaybeeLove21 January 02, 2011
Ashley is a crazy one. she loves long walks on the beach, lemonade. and partying... Brady and Ashley make cute couples. she likes bright things and she is addicted to facebooking.
who needs an example just look at Ashley.
by MacKenzie Wales November 30, 2009
gorgeous woman with stunning blue eyes, a beutiful smile, amazing personality and is a great friend, if you are lucky enough to know ashley then kudos to you because you must have done something right in a past life.
wow, did you see her? she's a total "ashley"
by too much drama if she knew August 29, 2010
Okayy Ashley's the kinda girl you just DON'T wanna fuck with! she will not put up with your shit, she's AMAZING, and funny. the kinda person everyone would wanna get to know. Shes shy at first but whose not? accept Ashley likes to dance like a slut but hey shes just expressing herself. you'd be a lucky guy to EVER get a chance with her. and if you act like a friggin CRAZY PSYCHO then heyy your loss. shes an amazing friend and COUSIN to everyone she knows. don't know her? your loss! :D

shes obsessed with rap. ;p
Ashley is a GIRL who everyone loves.
don't mess with this bitch! examples? crazy ex-boyfriends hahahahhaa.
by Shelbiaaa<3 August 16, 2010
a girl who is really sweet with others but if someone hates her becareful with her, btw she dont really gonna care what others think of her. she is very feminine and classy, ​​but not like the strawberry girls. She can be sometimes a little bit shy when you start to meet her but than when she have confidence with you, she is fun. She's the most beautiful girl that i ever seen and have a perfect body and a cute face. She's fun, smart, sexy, and all guys wanna be her boyfriend, but she wanna find the right guy.
Girl 1: Hi ashley, i love your tshirt
Ashley: thank you, i love your hair
by xmanlover July 26, 2011
A Name.
Does not determine any type of personality.
Ashley read these other definitions about how having the name, "Ashley", determines all of that persons characteristics and personality. She is ashamed of the human race.
by Uber Confused February 27, 2009
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