A skank, slut, bitch, who likes men old enough to be her father. She is a woman that regularly cheats on her boyfriend/husband, can't hold a job unless her mommy got it for her. She is prone to contracting STD's, especially Hep B, genital warts, and the clap. She surrounds herself by slutty bitches and will never go anywhere in life. Also an extremely self-centered person, caring about nobody but herself. Gravity doesn't treat her well... if you know what I mean. A real dumb broad. Oh yeah, money hungry too. Typically from Downeast Maine.
by Jim Joe Jefferson February 04, 2010
To make a total fuck up!
Noun: Slang
Origin: Mike Ashley (Owner, Newcastle United FC)

1. One who acts carelessly or foolishly; A complete cock end!
2. A blunder; a bungle; A disaster of Biblical proportions.
He's made a right fu*kin Ashley of that!
by stop4fire June 22, 2009
A female name that is generally the name of someone who is very stereotypical to some human genre, but denies it completely.
Ashley is the definition of Punk. she tries too hard.
by samisayswrawr August 30, 2008
A very pretty redhead, who knows how to party. She is the most randomest person you will ever meet in your life. She may dress in a hipee or emo style. Her favorite bands would have to do with rock. She knows what shes talking about so dont deny what she is saying.
dude 1: "Hey look over there! It's a redhead. Her name MUST be Ashley"

dude 2: "damn i'd love to fuck her!"

dude 1: "you know what they say bout redheads!!!"
by yermom111 March 15, 2009
this is always a sluts name. watchh out for your boyfriends because she definitely loves dick. don't trust her at your friend.
do you want to be like ashley and get aids???
by someone special. :) October 16, 2009
sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex balls sex sex sex sex sex sex all she talks about
"i love sex and balls in my face" said ashley
by slutttyy October 17, 2008
A girl who ruins others relationships

Ashley ruined Jamie and Carol's sex life by turning Carol lesbian.
by Bobenzyte March 31, 2007

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