Person who luvsss the cock! Total and complete slut that can't keep her legs and mouth closed. Usually seen on her back, knees, or lookin lyk a dumbass! Most likely to get a STD from!
Ohemgee! That girl at the theatre was such a ashley!!!!!!!
by Maci Soto! February 10, 2010
A pet name used for a loved one.
Reb: Hey i love you, ashley
Cyn: Awhh Shnookemz i love you too
Reb: Can I get booty?
by Lesbiancynthia January 21, 2010
A combined meaning of the words 'corpulent' and 'pathetic.'

Ashleys gravitate towards their own kind and prefer being the default female in a group of obese and/or virgin boys who masturbate when organizing their magic card decks and d&d playbooks.
Person 1: Hey, what are your plans tonight?
Person 2: Oh, I don't know... Probably nothing. What's the point anyway, I'm never going to be happy and I'll probably never get laid. The only time I'm happy is when I think about a vampire siring me.
Person 1: Uh... I just asked you a simple question, not your sad life story. So do you wanna hang out?
Person 2: Sure, let me eat first and then we can go out to get food, sound good?
Person 1: Wtf. Why do you need to eat so much?? Are you pregnant or an ashley??
by arsonexxjon February 03, 2010
A shallow, vapid, spoiled little rich girl. A hypocrite and non-stop whiner with no moral compass or ability to distinguish right from wrong. Selfish and thoughtless. Generally, blonde, permed, and tanned, and very vain, though with little reason to be.
That girl is such an Ashley - she doesn't care who she hurts as long as she gets what she wants.
by ghgnvkljw February 03, 2010
A tall lanky skinny bitch who goes to starbucks and has sex with some doucher. Ashley's usually have huge ass bug eyes and pasty white skin. She talks shit with Adrianna about everyone, but everyone hates her.
"the girl i fucked last night looked like dinosaur, she was such an ashley"

"its lent and i feel like such an ashley for saying this but,lets go to starbucks"

"i have sex with 25 year olds when im 16!"
"ew you ashley!!"
by Life is a box of choc2 March 13, 2010
A girl who looks like the dumb girl on mean girls / the dear john girl. She is no bad ass mother fucker... and the farthest from "gangsta" you can get. This girl loves fitteds, slurpees, and her amazing roommate :]
Hey Ashley, you look like Amanda Seyfried...
by sosoreal February 03, 2010
A girl who is known for being a transvestite or sexually angered toward other employers. Most likely thinks she lots lot prettier than she really is. BITCH.
Boy: boss I think we have an Ashley on our hands.

Boss: hours for head... I'll do it
by Thereallydilly January 08, 2010

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