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a bitchy blonde whore who thinks the less clothing wears, the better she looks. when she IS wearing clothing, it's spandex that squeezes her tits so tight they bulge and look like they're about to pop. she looks nasty, and she's probably got at least 4 different STDs. stay away from these sluts called ashley, especially if you're a guy...she'll give you bad head and you'll most likely end up with herpes.
ew god, look at ashley today...her boobs look more suffocated than ever!
by haha January 11, 2005
a person who puts her own definition of herself on urban dictionary to make herself look good then tells others about it
Ashley: hmm... i think i need to get a popularity boost by putting my own definition of myself on the internet and tell people about it...
Others:hmm sounds kinda fishy just like you smell...
by gus bus mclovin February 13, 2010
some one who looks like a dinosaur
ew, look at that ashley
- yeah bro nasty
by happppy April 08, 2010
a girl that you like when you first become friends with her but when you get to kno her you think shes a BITCH and she is! she uses you and talks behind your back and you have to whoop her ass!
begining: omg i love ashley she is so awesome
after: omfg i hate ashley she is such a bitch she used me and talks behind my back thats why i had to whoop her ass
by banana1966 April 07, 2010
slut who wants my dick
ashley wants my dick dude
by opixgh April 10, 2010
Person who luvsss the cock! Total and complete slut that can't keep her legs and mouth closed. Usually seen on her back, knees, or lookin lyk a dumbass! Most likely to get a STD from!
Ohemgee! That girl at the theatre was such a ashley!!!!!!!
by Maci Soto! February 10, 2010
A pet name used for a loved one.
Reb: Hey i love you, ashley
Cyn: Awhh Shnookemz i love you too
Reb: Can I get booty?
by Lesbiancynthia January 21, 2010