Awsome, great, loyal, amzing person. Has lots of passion there for knows how to treat people. They are romantic, and nice. They can be flirts, but not mean wrong they consume the people around them with there bright energize and smile.
Gosh, you are such an Ashley , you the greatest person!
by KewlKid123 January 10, 2009
A girl who needs no definition. TOO amazing for words.
Damn giiirlll you lookin goood!! You must be a ashley!
by pineappleprince May 31, 2011
1. Ashley is a name that was popular to name babies in the late 80's early 90's.
2. Origin: meaning "From the Ash-Tree meadow".
3. Character names on the popular kids telivision show Recess
BOB: Hey Ash?
ASH: Yeah?
BOB: What year you were born?
ASH: '89 baby!

... there were 4 Ashleys on recess.
by crayon_pink July 21, 2006
A girl that's one of a kind, the most rare female on the face of the earth, the kind that every boy dreams about, the kind that you long for, the kind that you think is out of this world. Well, I found her, and she's in a league of her own...You know, she's that hot lady you saw that day at the grocery store, that lady you wish you had. She's the pretty girl in that movie you saw. She's the girl behind the microphone when you listen to your music and this angelic voice is heard. She's the kind of perfect girl that you think about when you're beating off in your bedroom late at night. Haha, but really, I'm serious. She's a stone cold fox, and she's the girl responsible for the heat on those hot summer days, she's like, uber hot. Really.
the prettiest girl you'll meet, ashley.
by ashley lover ;) September 30, 2009
a drop dead gorgeous girl with an amazing figure, and the body of a goddess
Have you seen Ashley? She is the most beautiful girl here.
by sexygirl8172 July 19, 2009
short, funny, amazing, sweet girl wh would never let you down. she cares for alot of people, but once she thinks she has found the right man, she wont settle for less than he is. never turn down a chance with an ashley. you'll regret it in the long run. ashleys are different from most girls. they are the girls u spend alot of time wondering if you love them. they are the confusing girls. and ashley's cannot wait forever. take a chance to love one, you wont regret it.
nick- have u heard about ashley?
alex- yeah she is like amazing in everiway. and she doesnt sseem to have a love life..hard to believe.
nick- i wouldnt pass that along.
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