A person with the name of Ashley most likely looks overweight and chunky, although their physical appearance may make them look attractive cuz of their chest, girls named Ashley are mostly just self-centered, attention loving whores who resemble that of a pig
I dumped my Girlfriend cuz she was acting like Ashley
by John Simmonstein April 14, 2011
stupid ass slut who wont except she is still in love with cullen, super skinny needs to eat more
Jake: Ashley you still want him!

Ashley: No i do not!

Everyone else: Yeah you do...

Ashley: :/
by the man874 October 04, 2010
self centered bitch! One who stops being friends on facebook. one that is unnamable. Selfish,inconsiderate. The world revolves around an ashley.
your so ashley
by a sister that cares January 27, 2011
The biggest bitch you could possibally ever meet. Often times Ashley's will enjoy your company pretending as though they really do like you, then they trap you in a cloud of trouble as they backstab you and make your life a total living hell. Ashley's are often times pretty, but their personality sucks. They go for the worst guys with the smallest dicks so I honestly suggest staying as far away from any Ashley you possibly can.
Hey did you see that girl Ashley?

Yeah. She's a total beotch. Lets toilet paper her house!
by Anti-Ashley November 02, 2010
A fat girls name. There usually whores if not.
Fatass Ashley is a whore
by AwesomeX6972 September 23, 2010
1.) A standard girl; an everygirl.
2.) Ashleys: A group of girls in a clique with similar personalities.
3.) A girl that is rather a lot like every other girl in her clique. A prep.
1.) She's just a regular Ashley.
2.) Don't look now, but here come the Ashleys again.
3.) Ashley and the Ashleys told me they didn't like my sweater.
by Drusilla Williams January 10, 2006
An Ashley is someone who lives below the poverty line, he is usually accused/convicted of stealing benefits.
usualy an Ashley is so poor they would have to share a bed/bath with other members of the family.
it is not uncommon for an Ashley to play an MMO called Runescape.
boy 1: look at that loser kid
boy 2: yeah hes definatly an Ashley
by diegoarmandopeanuts June 04, 2010

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