1) A nickname, to call your slave that when she's perfectly sucking your man's dick.

2) A trend, to call someone a 'slut' or a 'ratchet person' or a whore.
1) -Your girlfriend texts you: Hey can I come over.. ;)-
Man: Nah, sorry, I'm busy with my Ashley.
2) Girl 1: Did you hear? She's masturbating in the bathroom right now.
Girl 2) She's totally an Ashley.
by sadboys inc. December 28, 2014
A very caring and considerate girl. Brown-haired blue-eyed. She has many friends and loves them all. She can be a bitch to anyone at anytime. She is boy-crazy but never has long-lasting relationships. Smart, athletic, pretty, curvy, mean, nice, caring, careless, and very self-conscious.
Guy 1: That girl Ashley is so nice I wish she wouldn't have dumped me.
Guy 2: Me tooooo. She's perfect in every way
Guy 3: I think she likes me.
by An Ashley- Crusher October 27, 2013
The most amazing, gorgeous guy in the world. Kind-hearted and very down to earth. Have amazing bodies. Would to anything for their loved one and are very thoughtful. Are know to be the best boyfriends. Their love is conditional and make a girl feel so lucky to have them!
I love you Ashley :')
by LoziSnozzBucket February 18, 2013
A Fukboi
This dude is a real Ashley
by SwagVicious April 09, 2016
A male Ashley would typically mean someone who is big, round and bounces on the ground. Usually gay, and most likely bashes computer games. Plays with a group of other highly rated noobs.
Ashley is also another word for Ebola.

synonyms : Gay, Fat, Big, Retarded, Weird. (Basically anything negative)
One would say, "WTF dude, you're such an Ashley. Get a life mate" or, "You have the Ashley?? Go back to Africa" Since Ashley also means Ebola

by hawtsexibae69 March 25, 2016
A bitch who wants nothing more to steal your best friend and your man pretends she is better than you and talks crap about you to her friends whenever she can
ashley-did you see savannahs hair its looks like a hobos pubic hair
by soccermom24 March 17, 2016
To be a little bitch to someone else, to go behind someone's back
Ashley is such a fucking cunt
by Badass Mother Fucker November 25, 2014
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