Ashley is a cute, smart, nice girl. She's friends with everyone. Usually only one guy likes her. She's really beautiful but doesn't show it that often. Could dress better.
I want to date Ashley

Ashley is so nice
by Just a guy 01 June 14, 2016
Fucking whores who make fun of you and is a red headed dumbass that doesn't know how to shut her fat ass mouth alway thinks she better than ever one else takes other girl boyfriends ashleys no good!!!!

(Girl 2)Ashley was making fun of me and she makes me feel worthless!!!

(Girl 3) alright that is it im going to beat the shit out of her.
by fghjjfd no May 16, 2016
The name that white people from the 1980's and 1990's named their girl children. This name was the vanilla ice cream flavor in girls names during this time period: bland, unoriginal but most of all WHITE
Congratulations who have an average looking white girl! You should name her Ashley.
by frandaddy June 06, 2016
Beautiful, Out-going,hoe sometimes,think she the shit,and fake
That bitch Ashley won't leave me alone, she was just a quick nut bruh!!
by CaliBishh July 15, 2016
An annoying ass mother fucker who is an attention seeking little bitch
Omg! You're being such an Ashley! wtf.
by Todda2 April 30, 2016
The biggest cunt known to man. Manipulative bitch. Likes to say her dad died in 9/11, was the CEO of Google, and now has risen from the dead and wants to see her.
cunt bitch whore manipulative
Dude 1: Dude I met this chick yesterday but she turned out to be a total Ashley.
Dude 2: My ex was an Ashley. She was a complete cunt.
by AnonnonAAnonnonA October 15, 2015
A name for a girl, considered very 90's. Occasionally coupled with the name Kate (also very 90's.) Usually a Ashley is 100% amazing. If you get her don't let her go, she'll be your bestfriend and your partner. Something to note is that she may use shortened words such as "tots" for totally, and weird words like "amazeballs" for amazing, may on occasion have a boston accent, and be obsessed with pink.
Hey Ashley, want to go out to dinner?
by McChickens4Life August 25, 2015
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