a very beautiful, smart and intelligent person who is brave enough to follow their dreams in order to reach their goals. they deserve very special treatment to keep them near.
She must be the most smartest person. She is Ashley.
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She's a girl who can brighten up a room. She's has a great personality. Every guy is falling for her but she doesn't know. She thinks she's ugly but she the most gorgeous girl you would ever meet. She's such an Ashley. Hottie coming your way. She cares about her friends. She knows what's right or wrong. Family means the world to her. She crafts and makes them for her friends and family. Cleaning is also her thing.
Date a girl that's like Ashley

She's becoming an Ashley

She's such an Ashley
by Chickensarebæ April 05, 2016
beautiful,caring, fun girl who loves school and loves to make new friends.Ashley is a girl who is stylish,pretty,and always thinks about other peoples feelings.
Dammn u got an Ashley
by pretty girl who is bored June 06, 2015
Ashley is a beautiful girl who has an amazing body but also has one of the best personalities in the whole world. She doesnt take no shit from anyone and will tell you whats up most of the time regardless. She is the most shweet girl, with the biggest heart, that you will meet but also one of the strongest girls there is out there. She is that country girl that all the country songs sing about and no one can tame her unless she decides to let you. This is the one most incredible girls in the world, if not the most. (I think she is The Most) :)
Friend 1: "What? Your with Ashley??? Bruh, isnt she like that perfect girl?"
Friend 2: "Yuhhh, she is that girl.
Friend 1: Partee.
by astratus94 October 23, 2014
the "destroyer vagina" aka "slayer of man" was a happy ditz bubbly personality that was lost somewhere in oblivion. it was thought that her destructive power was not anything malicious but purely oblivious naivety and a nagging inner desire to cause strife so as to get attention. although neutral in alignment and with good intention, her capacity to destroy things were catastrophically phenomenal. it was said that "the destructive power was so great, it had defeated the Champion called "Triumph" in the great battle of Vag" 2009~ 2011 A.D. upon hearing the defeat of his brother the Champion called "Wisdom" ran away into hiding. also many evidence suggest that "Maza rah huk'to" "challenger" or Maza rah Heka'se further translated to "challenger from the heavens" had also fell victim to the Ashley's destructive force. most scholars argue her as a entirely mythical creature pointing to the fact that it was once rumored she had been both the demon twin sister of "lilith" from gnostic catholic beliefs and also the evil sister of "Deianira" from greek mythology suggesting that its purely the fictional work of juvenile vandals. her name in native demon tongue is "alehim nak shee'tu" and translates to "the jezebel disguised as ignorance" or "jezebel of oblivion" "Lady destroyer" or "the destroyer lady" eluk shi'te na kul meaning "the one who devours men" and also ha nauk selat vie "doombringer of mankind" ~ i dont hate her anymore. goodbye.
what happened to that bloody guy?
an ashley happened
by greybigshark February 11, 2014
An Ashley is the best friend a mermaid could ever have!
She's super cavity-like sweet, honest, trustworthy, caring, and an all around great person.
An Ashley is fun to be around, she can brighten up anyone's day with just her smile.
Ashley's are usually attracted to Michael's, so unless you're a Michael, sorry fellas, you don't even have a chance!
They also love kids, weddings, and shopping!
Once you meet an Ashley, and befriend her, you'll be friends forever!
"my bestfriend is an Ashley"
by GingerMaid September 26, 2013
An "Ashley" is usually one who will take your breath away at first sight. She's original, amazing, different in all the perfect ways and her beauty is undeniable. She will have the most mesmerizing eyes that anyone could ever have and just looking into them will make one lose their mind and fall deep in love with her, without necessarily trying. She's crazy but in the best ways possible and will surely change your life in the most positive way. She has a smile that will force you to smile no matter what, it's adorable. She's ridiculously sweet and anyone who is lucky enough to know a true Ashley should never let her go because they won't find another girl like her. She should be treated like a goddess and deserves the best in the world.
Ashley is the best girl a boy can have.

A girl that is always crazy with her friends.
She is always trying to make the best out of things.
by santiagoashley94@gmail.com June 18, 2016
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