An "Ashley" is a beautiful female who doesn't take any shit from no fucking body! She is down too earth, very sweet, she can be a Bitch, but she has a great big heart. She's the type of person that everyone wants too spend time with. She loves dogs, and beautiful nature. She willing to try new things and she is outgoing. She has A1 pussy, and a nice booty even if she doesn't think so. She frequently has trouble texting people back. She also often has someone who thinks they love her more than anyone else even dudes with girlfriends. She's that amazing and special
Ashley, A1, Amazing, beautiful, special, booty
by Dr. Deez nuts October 28, 2015
It means to be beautiful inside and out. She cares for other, and tries to make the best of things. She may get angry or cry easily but she always shows a smile. She's strong and won't let anything get to her. She wants to be successful in life but is very lazy. Fortunately, she always gets the work done in time. She has many friends but only has a handful of close ones. She only has one friend that she truly trusts with her life. She tries not to be mean and is kind to others. She tends to be funny and carefree. She not popular and isn't the most prettiest in the world, but its her personality, smile, eyes and laugh that gets people to fall for her. She doesn't get asked out much because people are afraid to be turned down by her. Overall, Ashley is a great person.
"She's such an Ashley."
"I wish I could be like an Ashley."
by dddddoraaaaaa February 24, 2015
An Ashley is the best friend a mermaid could ever have!
She's super cavity-like sweet, honest, trustworthy, caring, and an all around great person.
An Ashley is fun to be around, she can brighten up anyone's day with just her smile.
Ashley's are usually attracted to Michael's, so unless you're a Michael, sorry fellas, you don't even have a chance!
They also love kids, weddings, and shopping!
Once you meet an Ashley, and befriend her, you'll be friends forever!
"my bestfriend is an Ashley"
by GingerMaid September 26, 2013
The most amazing, gorgeous guy in the world. Kind-hearted and very down to earth. Have amazing bodies. Would to anything for their loved one and are very thoughtful. Are know to be the best boyfriends. Their love is conditional and make a girl feel so lucky to have them!
I love you Ashley :')
by LoziSnozzBucket February 18, 2013
A girl with the biggest tits ever. They are the boy bait of the century. Once you see her you'll never forget her, or her boobs.
guy: Dayyyummm did you just see that girl?
guy 2: how couldnt I? She's and ashley!
by jesusisinmuhballs January 17, 2013
A beautiful girl that knows what she wants but can say some hurtful things to others. She is kind when she wants to be but can talk behind your back just as much. She puts on a face to show she is that innocent girl that you like but you dont the true her until you know her. Being her friend and knowing her are two different things. Somedays she can be fun and understanding.
Girl 1- Ashley said some mean things about you

Girl 2- Surprise Surprise
by lovethedaisy January 06, 2013
The most amazing girl and she dates boys named Kevin and she is treated like a queen.
Kevin: Your amazing
Ashley: You treat me like a queen
by Hipie November 22, 2012

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