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Bitchass slut who is always jumping from man to man.
Ashley is that slutty bitch
by johntheloser June 12, 2014
A backstabbing bitch that whenever you get into a fight she goes off to all of her more better, popular friends then all of the popular people hate you and you cry every night Bc of ashley
See that ashley she made me cry last night
by Poopy quanky April 18, 2014
The boy who allowed me to break my own heart at a young age. Do you know that feeling you get when you meet a person and you're too young to understand love, relationships, and even life yet? When we're all kids and those thoughts aren't but a fleeting moment from our mind. He stopped writting me. I never knew why. I just chalked it up to him living his life and finding happieness. I never forgot Ashley. He was a fun person to be around and write to. The year I realised I'd never hear from him again, I cried for weeks. Prayed on my knees, he was okay and well. That he was loved and having a good life. My young love. In a fairytail world around Disney, at the time, he was my prince and I felt like a princess. Pretty stupid, Right!? That was years ago. He was a first kiss. A first ever feeling of 'puppy kid love,' and a friend by mail for a few years after. After we sent our last letters, he included a picture I've always kept by my side to remind me of him. I never believed in true love, other than to truely believe in loving those around us. Even when we go our seperate ways. Have different ways about one another. May not agree. May choose to believe true love is non existant. May not be perfect. May just be as fleeting as our lives truley are in how fast it fly's by each time.
Ashley, if it's you, words will never express what this feels like. How suprising and wounderful it would feel to know that, people like us can live seperate lives across an ocean globe and by some manner find one another again this way by chance, fate or what ever they may call it these days. To know that happieness was us and to the both of us back then. Meeting you was only part of the happiest time in my life. I consider myself lucky and blessed for ever meeting you all and your family's on that vacation. Please forgive me, as I cannot find the right nor perfect words, I even understand, to describe what is going threw my mind. The day you stopped writting, was the day I felt I lost more than my heart. It has stayed with me all of my life since. I am not perfect. After seeing this, I thought, who wouldn't know my last name and try to accomplish finding me? I had hoped, the people in my life that knew me, would elaborate as to the unperfection that is me. Make that decision for you. It is your life you know. It looks as though you have love, and a life and for that, I'm hoping one day I'll see you again and call you friend. This is truely one of the craziest things that may not even be real but, in the end, it's what I would say to you if I had that chance.I've always missed you but, I am greatful to have lived that week with all of us in Florida.
by POOLCHAIRS&ArcadeBEARS June 11, 2012
A person who, before seeing, you assume is a girl, but actually turns out to be a skin-headed bastard who has a limited vocabulary, thus swears all the time, and is relatively partial to giving out the odd insult. Despite having a love for giving insults, he is extremely over-sensitive to everything and reacts by calling you a c*nt or a di*khead. He is the sort of person that you just want to hit and swear at, but try to resist the tempting temptation to avoid sinking to his level of immaturity. He also despises any body who does not agree with him, calling you a very hurtful name as there is little else in his head to offer an alternative.
Stop being a prick....oh sorry I forgot...you're Ashley
by dongy June 07, 2014
A pen name used for an amazing person.
Kelly will always remember but, wishes Ashley was her to say something to her and not threw her computer right now!

Thats our Ashley! He's an undiscribable friend, and if he'd like a discription, Kelly's always there for him whenever.
by Frieds4Life&Beyond June 09, 2012
The best most amazing girlfriend a guy could ever have. she lights up my world and makes me smile every day. I love her with all my heart and nothing will ever change that <3 she knows how to make me smile and she is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I didnt know where i was before i met her and I dont ever want her to leave meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Ashley is amazing. period.
by iloveashleysomuch July 02, 2012
a former dude name that people now think it's cute to name girls, so if you name a boy Ashley now people will think he's a queer and/or tranny
My grandpa's name was Ashley, but if I name my son that he'll get picked on in school and later kill himself.
by getmoneygurrl$$$ September 02, 2011