A girl with the biggest tits ever. They are the boy bait of the century. Once you see her you'll never forget her, or her boobs.
guy: Dayyyummm did you just see that girl?
guy 2: how couldnt I? She's and ashley!
by jesusisinmuhballs January 17, 2013
A beautiful girl that knows what she wants but can say some hurtful things to others. She is kind when she wants to be but can talk behind your back just as much. She puts on a face to show she is that innocent girl that you like but you dont the true her until you know her. Being her friend and knowing her are two different things. Somedays she can be fun and understanding.
Girl 1- Ashley said some mean things about you

Girl 2- Surprise Surprise
by lovethedaisy January 06, 2013
A fearsome girl who doesnt take shit from anyone! Will often ignore you or delete you off BBM if you say one thing wrong. Very difficult to figure out and wont hesitate to slap you through the face if you touch her perfect hair.
John: Ashleys' hair looks so nice today.
Jack: Just dont touch it or she will beat the shit out of you!
by Moon Bear February 24, 2012
Ashley is an amazing person. She is gorgeous and has blonde hair and blue eyes. She is the nicest person you will ever know. She can joke around but be serious too. She loves everyone! If you meet an Ashley she is definitely a keeper. Not to mention loves Starbucks!!!!!!
Omg she's so ashley
Wow she's an Ashley!

I want an Ashley
by Mehehehehehehe June 18, 2015
beautiful,caring, fun girl who loves school and loves to make new friends.Ashley is a girl who is stylish,pretty,and always thinks about other peoples feelings.
Dammn u got an Ashley
by pretty girl who is bored June 06, 2015
the most caring, loving ,beautiful girl you will ever find ,always cares for others before herself ,she a crazy in a good way loves being around people always keeps a party going, she is on of a kind you got to love hardly as any enemies but don't get on her bad side u will say there...... good person
wow did you see ashley today?

she looks super stunning today, beautiful spirit...
by dr robert lee May 16, 2016
Smartest girl. An Ashley is someone who is tough, alluring, intelligent, creative, and snarky. She stays serene through good and bad times.
Did you hear what grade Ashley got? She's going into AP math.
by Lilith Rose Maleficent May 25, 2016
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