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A dicktease
Male: "hey ashleigh, wanna have sex with me?"

Ashleigh: "No, but ill strip naked just to rub in your face what you cant have."
by Michael92842349283423 December 13, 2010
229 150
Ashleigh's are usually brunettes, short, but very spunky. They are beautiful inside and out. They do not date very many guys they wait for the one they love. They are very proper and lady like but know how to have a good time. Everybody loves Ashleigh because shes understanding and is always someone you can trust and they give amazing advice. they will always be there for you too.
guy: whos that spunky girl?

other guy: idk looks like an ashleigh
by meathead numberface December 30, 2011
101 55
A girl who is beautiful, smart, and gives really good advice. She's usually very musically talented, and an amazing singer. Ashleigh's are often gingers. They are loving and caring and have very bubbly personalities. They can also be very random at times. If you ever have ANY kind of problem, find an Ashleigh. Ashleigh's are the most amazing people you will ever meet. If you are an Ashleigh, I envy you(:
Ashleigh is so pretty.

She is so smart. She must be an Ashleigh.

Ashleigh is so cool.

Ashleigh is an awesome singer.

Ashleigh is awesome
by im_that_girl13 February 09, 2013
53 24
Really beautiful girl that cares for everyone.Is very smart and wise in any situation.Likes fruit punch alot.easy to talk to and loves to party.very popular.
Best friend 1"Dude that Ashleigh chick wants to blow me"
Bestfriend 2"Dont do it make her ur girlfriend see how that goes"
bestfriend 3"i agree shes would be a gorgeous girlfriend and u can show her off"
Bestfriend 1"then i will make Ashleigh S my girl friend"
by lynn0402 April 02, 2011
18 5
a (cute) (flirty) (fun) person to be around, good friend and (loving) family member, can sleep in (random) places and at random tiime, best friend.
person: hey whats that curled up over there?
me: oh thats just (ashleigh) asleep behind the couch.
by tigger-roo-roo May 30, 2011
27 19
Just an amazing girl really. She's cute, fun to be around, trust worthy and can make me smile. Loves orange juice and cats! I'm glad I've got an Ashleigh cause if you haven't got an Ashleigh then get ready for a boring life. Don't let go of an Ashleigh!
There is no example to show how amazing Ashleigh is.
by A person from England March 30, 2013
9 2
Ashleigh has big tits a massive arse and amazing in bed

Yet even though she has a wild side also has a caring side to her
She will love and care for you

Someone you should go for in a realtionship
She is beautiful
Dahmmmmm that Ashleigh is sexy ! Look at that booooootaaaay!
by Ajwilson October 24, 2013
3 4