Ass Fart meaning an expulsion of methane from the anul area
letting one rip, cutting the cheese, stinking up the joint, he who smelt it delt it. He who denied it supplied it. You are retarded you farted
by noddley June 26, 2003
Alive Since Forever. Everyone knows that.

They're badass guys that love making music and want to share that love with the rest of the world.
Kristofferson: Have you heard of that group asf?
Stayzer: Yeah! They're amazingg!
by asf-er September 06, 2011
Short for "art school fag" - anyone who attends college and majors in something vaguely creative and think they are hot shit. can often be recognized by tight black t-shirts, psuedo-controversial views, etc. also see EURO-TRASH
"that cigarette (slim) smoking leninist over there - total ASF."
by leon July 04, 2003
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