Generally, when one is bored and enjoys spamming group chats, social media, etc.
Alexis asdfghjkl our school website.
by LexieLoL13 May 14, 2015
What people put in their myspace bulletins when they are pissed off or really happy.
Paco is such a slut!
by Mary Catherine November 20, 2007
The second row of a keyboard, typed from left to right. Usually used to express anger, as someone will slam their keyboard with their hands.
"asdfghjkl! I'm so mad!!!!"
by SINE N0MINE December 16, 2014
1. I have nothing to say.
2. I am pissed.
1. ... "asdfghjkl" "haha"
by scrolltobottom October 03, 2011
The feeling right before the climax(orgasm) during sex.
Oh my god im asdfghjkling!
by Nicc Mofuckin Farbet July 29, 2010
A more powerful way of saying "I love you".

Pronounced: "As-duf-geh-jikl"
I asdfghjkl you so much.
He bought her a car? He must asdfghjkl her tonnes!
by FlaredDARKRAVen February 26, 2012
An utterly used word describing your feelings. For example when your mood is "blah" you can type in these random letters to show your frame of mind.
Hi Bob, how are you feeling today?
I feel asdfghjkl.
by IRINA YOUR MOM February 27, 2009

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