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a term of being confused on AIM

created by running your finger down the center of the keyboard
person 1: asdfghjkl; dude somone took a shit on my car window
person 2: LOL!
by Roosale November 10, 2007
114 70
a keyboard seizure. can be any combination of letters and sometimes numbers and punctuations such as, ajhfdsljhfl jhfawiuef djshfahjvbsljseh j83wiy25rufweh 0-dsaov
aeq fdsd jgf73woeglvsexadshf... and so on
A: i feel asdfghjkl;' today. how are you?
B: asdfghjkl;'

or in any other context you wish to use it in.
by al3xxxsaid May 26, 2007
328 81
What a person types when the conversation is getting awkward and needs some spice.
The person will wonder what's going on and start up a conversation about the weird type.
"what was that shit?"
"i don't know, but how was your day?"
"pretty good! how about yours? wanna hang out sometime?"
by N1N@ GR@FF November 07, 2007
330 161
The homerow keys. Used to describe your feelings at the moment, especially when you don't know how to express your feelings. It means whatever you want it to mean. Only you know what it means.
Kid 1 : How are you?
Kid 2 : asdfghjkl;'
Kid 1 : I know what you mean.
by HaleyIsARiotx425 November 03, 2008
232 66
A really easy password used by people who don't want to forget it. They brush their finger accross the keyboard starting at A and ending at enter.
bob; what did you make your password?
joe; asdfghjkl;'
by lilliannn<3 March 12, 2010
230 80
The simplest password of all time. Just slide your finger from A all the way to enter, and you sucesfully logged in.
Password: asdfghjkl;'
by Yourmom...... January 19, 2011
132 36

1) describing the inability to comprehend something

Tumblr is the only place where asdfghjkl; is entirely accepted as a verb. No one else understands.
MATT SMITH AND KAREN GILLAN GOT MARRIED? OHEMGEE I can't even breath. What is air. asdfghjkl;asdfghjkl;
by StillNotAGinger January 01, 2012
101 24
1. Letter's termed "home row" on a keyboard. These are the letters on which the fingers rest when touch typing.

2. An exclamation of anger, confusion, and/or frustration recognized in many online forums. Used when no other word seems to fit or nothing is coming to mind.
1. Before you can begin touch typeing you must first rest your hands on the asdfghjkl;

2. person1: Wait. How are you going to deal with that?"
person2: ASDFGHJKL; Idk
by MissMelissa June 17, 2008
142 66