A term used when you are bored and want to scream at the teacher. Can be used successfully during math, english, science, or even during those gay dance lessons in P.E
Teacher: welcome, class
Teacher: first off, Jimmy wut is the square root of...

Jimmy: asdf!!!

during gym..

Carla: wanna dance Jimmy?

Jimmy: ASDF!!!

during english...

Teacher: and then wut did shakespeare say Jimmy?

Jimmy: ASDF!!!!!
by aldengoesfishing January 10, 2009
to posses a penis that is short, or small enough to only cover the first four keys of a standard keyboard.
You couldnt even rest on home row, all you have is ASDF.
by Sn0wm4n March 10, 2004
i tottaly asdf my boyfriend last night
by beachloverblnd January 01, 2008
ghjkl > asdf
I am all knowing, bitches!
by Deru December 12, 2003
letters used to say LOL because it is used way too much. asdf=lol
ASDF...that party was hilarious last night!
by ~Jules~ April 04, 2005
assing stuff for da fun
NICK y are u asdfing on these cards
by Charlie Zhang April 01, 2005
Asshole shits Droplets of Food
Your ASDF, and they are good!
by Big Juicy Turd March 14, 2003

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