A term used when you are bored and want to scream at the teacher. Can be used successfully during math, english, science, or even during those gay dance lessons in P.E
Teacher: welcome, class
Teacher: first off, Jimmy wut is the square root of...

Jimmy: asdf!!!

during gym..

Carla: wanna dance Jimmy?

Jimmy: ASDF!!!

during english...

Teacher: and then wut did shakespeare say Jimmy?

Jimmy: ASDF!!!!!
by aldengoesfishing January 10, 2009
the best string of letters ever thought up of...no doubt about it

also the first four letters that you learn to type
asdf fucking pwnz joo
by ccx June 28, 2003
Anal Slurpin Dildo Fucker ; one who has anal sex with a dildo and "slurps" up the anal liquid afterwards
Two women Leslie and Heather have anal sex with a strap-on dildo and Leslie uses the strap-on. when she is done she licks heathers anus clean. Leslie is an asdf.
by ASUASDFMaN May 03, 2010
To tell the person that your talking with that you are soon about to looseit.
If I dont get high to night I'm just totally gona asdfasdfadsf on you nigga!
by Raikke August 04, 2006
asdf (n)(v): (n) a stupid person or thing, who is constentally annoying and acts in a manner of not thinking in the right mind (v) acting stupid; not thinking in the right mind; acting the fool
Your boyfriend is such a asdf, your should dump him right now!
by Hannah Hoertz December 22, 2003
Pronounced, as-df
Used when one really wants to convey lack of interest.
he: Yo, baby, lettuce HipHop en my Eskolayde & go and giddey on dat, yeah yeah yeah.

she: asdf, get show izzhay up outta my beg behynda, boy!
by jaymar March 27, 2008

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