A term used when you are bored and want to scream at the teacher. Can be used successfully during math, english, science, or even during those gay dance lessons in P.E
Teacher: welcome, class
Teacher: first off, Jimmy wut is the square root of...

Jimmy: asdf!!!

during gym..

Carla: wanna dance Jimmy?

Jimmy: ASDF!!!

during english...

Teacher: and then wut did shakespeare say Jimmy?

Jimmy: ASDF!!!!!
by aldengoesfishing January 10, 2009
A robot cuss word, mentioned once in the webcomic 'Questionable Content' by Jeph Jacques.
1 "Uno!"
2 "Again?"
3 "Asdf!"
1 "Asdf?"
2 "It's a robot cuss word; he has a filthy mouth"
3 "Human cusswords focus on mating, excretion and male genetalia. Robot cusswords focus on mashing on homerow. Asdf is a four-letter word"
1 "Hee hee! so what is 'qwerty' slang for then?
2 & 3 #oh noes#
1 "What? What did I say?"
by teir July 24, 2009
asdfsdfa asd f a afd sdf asdf asdfsdaf
asdfafasdfsa sadfaf asd sdfsdf asdf asdf
by sdfa November 09, 2003
A word that is most commonly used in any sort of only messenger to express frustration, excitement, confusion, anger, happiness, ect. It comes from hitting many keys at once in a fit of emotion, and a, s, d, and f are all next to each other. Usually the meaning is only identifiable thanks to context clues. It is also sometimes followed by random arrangements of letters that are spammed as quickly as possible into the conversation.
xXxebilt0astirxXx: Dude, I ran over a dog eariler.
sexisexiyes: asdf!
sexisexiyes: D:
sexisexiyes: adfkghfl
sexisexiyes: kjglkd
sexisexiyes: kl;jklj...
sexisexiyes: ]]]]:
xXxebilt0astirxXx: I know.
by winstinword June 25, 2007
The phalangical equivalent to rolling your eyes, expressing to the online community your boredom or impatience. Asdf is the textual keyboard counterpart to tapping your fingers, individually, on a desktop from pinky finger to index finger.
You: "and omg, do you know what she said?...."
Me: asdfasdfasdfasdf...
by Limeliberator September 09, 2010
response to a text/message when nothing else fits/comes to mind. Instead of lamely replying with 'lol' to a message you don't care to answer to or think about, you put 'asdf' just so the person knows you got the message, and because you never thought their message was funny anyway, never mind anything to do with laughing out loud.
(new text message from : Lucifer, 5:00 pm)

ugh, just woke up man, hahahaha I'm so lazy -_-

(reply with :)

by sssquAURE December 20, 2010
1. The universal sign of anger.
2. The first four letters in the home row on the keyboard.
1. ASDF!!! AARGH NOO!! ASDF!!!!!
by Chao-chao June 27, 2005
A profanity that just is. Can be used as all other profanities.
asdf! So much asdfing work to do.
by Bobert Greater May 02, 2010
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