ASAP is what an experienced cannabis smoker will tell an amateur smoker when he/she is ripping a bong. ASAP itself will stand for : As Slow As Possible, because at first when you start ripping a bong, you have to start off slow, where many inexperienced smokers pull to hard off the start and waste mass amounts of cannabis.
Carson: (starts rippin hard)

Jonny: NO MAN NO....GO ASAP...ASAP!!!!
by Tommmyyyy December 14, 2007
As Soon As Point

Refers to the expected handout of methamphetamines (or MSM), requested by a low-level user, prior to performing menial tasks or labour for said employer.
"Hey Jimmy Jump, can you wire up my Hi-Fi - I can't be fucked."

"Sure, but I'm reaaaalll sleepy"

Jimmy Jump puts out his hand, and clears his throat expectantly. This is an example of "ASAP"
by ShabShaker January 27, 2008
As slow as posible, it is the same as, As Soon As Posible
WOW she is going asap.
by Cortnort December 11, 2006
Always Say A Prayer
by farks_me September 18, 2003
As Slow As Possible

The word is used when in a tight situation that needs an acronym to express that "hey, you can lag all the way you want".
"Sure. MMORPG is the best way to make time fly ASAP"
by SysStream October 11, 2006
1. As Scene As Possible
When someone tries to fit it in or look scene by over dressing or worrying about looking a certin way; and eventually going overboard by trying too hard and looking like a fool. Someone who goes ASAP stands out like a sore thumb at shows becausew they have no friends, stand alone, and are typically n00bs or posers.
pete: Did you See katie at the show last night?
Luke: Yeah she went ASAP and stood by herself allnight, what a poser hoe she needs to stick with the Aslee Simpson.
Pete: tru that. she tries so hard it hurts.
by Double_Down July 19, 2006
After Sex Arousal Plan
Only 6 minutes? I need an ASAP, cuz i'm a fucking loser.
by Cody December 13, 2003

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