A sap stands for As Soon As Possible; as soon as you get the chance.
Yo holla at me A sap !
by Datmamifromda_215 July 26, 2005
As soon as possible :D
I wanna go home asap.
by Karii-98 November 18, 2011
As soon as possible
I'll do that ASAP.

I'll do that As Soon As Possible.
by Idacha October 15, 2015
Anglo-Saxon American Princess. An American female who thinks she's nature's crowning achievement and that the world revolves to make her happy. COMPLETELY unhumbled by historical and/or genealogical factors that might make a JAP slightly less arrogant. May include assimilated and reconstructed Irish and/or German Catholic descendents but not southern/eastern european in any event. References "as soon as possible" as this is the kind of service expected in all situations.
That country club bitch is a real ASAP-
by offensiveotis December 31, 2009
There are two many things that ASAP can stand for...
As Stupid As Possible
As Sexy As Possible
As Suckish As Possible
As Soon As Possible
Dude u are A.S.A.P.


U r just A.S.A.P.

Call me A.S.A.P.
by Longbuckcwee April 25, 2009
Uh, I have to go to this lame thing later, i'm about to get A.S.A.P.
by skitstow February 05, 2010
also known as A S A P
but A sap iz better 4 sum reason
u suck mi knob, A sap
by enominimous November 09, 2003

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