1. As Scene As Possible
When someone tries to fit it in or look scene by over dressing or worrying about looking a certin way; and eventually going overboard by trying too hard and looking like a fool. Someone who goes ASAP stands out like a sore thumb at shows becausew they have no friends, stand alone, and are typically n00bs or posers.
pete: Did you See katie at the show last night?
Luke: Yeah she went ASAP and stood by herself allnight, what a poser hoe she needs to stick with the Aslee Simpson.
Pete: tru that. she tries so hard it hurts.
by Double_Down July 19, 2006
Top Definition
As Soon As Possible
This work has to be made asap
by iovanni May 12, 2003
A New York based rap crew, stand for Always Strive and Prosper. Sometimes stylized as A$AP
ASAP Rocky is a member of ASAP.
by Choppachoppa_down December 01, 2011
As Soon As Possible

Originally a military term dating back to WW1 when abreviations were being used everywhere,

ASAFP may also be used when the speaker is distressed, making it "as soon as fucking possible"
"I need some fucking CAS runs in here ASAP, get some fucking cobras down here NOW and fuck up those goddamn T72s"
by MarineJulio April 05, 2005
As soon as possible; immediately; right away; implies a sense of urgency.
1) I need this done asap!

2) Send the supplies asap! The natives are starving.
by VAKI5 May 10, 2005
As Soon as possable
I want you in bed ASAP
by Ty C. November 19, 2003
immediately, right away (from as soon as possible)
We need to get out of here, ASAP.
by Light Joker September 07, 2005
As Soon As Possible
Please reveiw & decide to publish or reject my definition ASAP. Thanks :O
by HUMP DAY uno-dos-thress December 29, 2013
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