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pronounced 'a-za pa-ray'

Meaning the same as the English coined French word 'touché'.

Basically a way of saying 'good point' regarding a comment or come back someone else might have said
guy 1: you're pretty ugly
guy 2: so is your mum
guy 1: asa paret
#asaparet #asa paret #touche #asaparett #asa-paret
by spanglebob March 26, 2009
Same meaning as touché, for example, in an argument or debate. If one person presents an argument and another delivers a clever or apt response, the first person may respond with "asa paret" as a way of acknowledging a good response.

Boy: This porno is disgusting
Girl: You starred in one exactly like it.
Boy: Asa Paret
#touche #touché #good point #argument #true that
by Asaparet March 24, 2009
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