One of the best tv shows from the UK screens!.
The best teen show ever.
Absolutely the best
"As If rocks!"
by minna no osama June 11, 2004
Two definitions are often in association with this word. The first of which is a Chump which simply put is someone who bails out on their friends. The second being the Blitz and as coined in How I Met Your Mother involves the "blitz" to leave the group of friends, causing the laws of awesomeness to increase 10 fold.
Damn that Asif leaving again... Oh shit Free Food & Hot Chicks today!!!!!
by Ghat09 December 12, 2010
2 words that a 7 year old boy in 1995 (i.e. me) DID NOT WANT TO HEAR FROM AN OLDER GIRL'S MOUTH!!!
ohhh, i hear it now. get me the shotgun
by KK December 30, 2004
A wrinkly, tired old man. Doesn't sleep much. Also talks and laughs wayy too much for his own good. Is also a little bit of a perv!
Asif needs to sleep really badly!
by mkhan December 04, 2007
to be an ugly piece of shit
someone who can't find a girlfiend
someone who is lonely and is disgusting
Hey guys, look at that asif sitting in the corner
by Jonat March 28, 2008

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