1. A band that basically sucks.

2. To Gwar(shart), Slipknot(mouth shart), and mayhem (blow asnot rocket) all at the same time.

1. "Goooooddddd how could you do this to me??"

"Wow those lyrics suck dick they must be as i lay dying

2. Dude did you see Roberts girlfriend???

I As I Lay Dying to that.
by Chronic the Hedgehog92 April 12, 2009
Boring MTV band, these guy are so mediocre. There is nothing that makes this band stand out from most of the other bands you hear on here on headbangers ball. This is just another droned band that gives metal a bad name. Metalcore is a stupid bullshit genre and should be abolished. Seems anyone who can bang a guitar and drumset these days can make a CD. This band has such boring riffs, I swear they sound like any other screamo/metalcore band out there. The vocalist can't sing and just screams incoherently too.
As I lay dying blows along with any other metalcore band. Listen to some real metal like Shadows Fall, Mastodon, Trivium or Lamb of God.
by Guy who hates bullshit April 24, 2006
A mainstream hardcore band that attempts to make music, but fails horribly.

Also, a band whose songs can be learned in under five minutes without tablature.
"Dude, As I Lay Dying sucks so bad that just got done learning one of their songs in five minutes, without tabs."

"Of course you did. They suck."
by Noum October 20, 2006
A shit-metal band. The "vocalist" just screams for screaming sake, and can't even do that well. He sounds like some adolescent 100 lb. wuss. The "music" if you can even call it that is boring, repetetive, and sounds like every other one of these "nu metal" bands that plauge the industry with cookie cutter riffs, and scream scream scream bullshit. The future of metal is in jeopardy of being taken over by this crap.
I took a crap this morning, and it sounded like As I Lay Dying.
by Real metal fan November 15, 2006

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