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phrase used to describe how intence a situation is
(can be added to any adjective to stress the severity)
Dude thats noisy "as fuck"
thats dumb "as fuck"
white "as fuck"
delicious "as fuck"
by canteberry June 27, 2010
48 26
A phrase inserted after any adjective to make it stronger.
I'm drunk as fuck.
I'm horny as fuck.
I'm tired as fuck.
I'm blazed as fuck.
I'm screwed as fuck.
by i swear to god i'm not drunk November 15, 2005
355 42
Phrase commonly used by silly Welsh people who have limited vocabulary. It is an easy way out for describing how good something is.
Cool as Fuck = Really good
Funny as Fuck = Hilarious
Smart as Fuck = Verry Pretty woman
New as Fuck = Brand New
Safe as Fuck = Good Deal
by infinity February 25, 2004
37 125