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Aryans was a name for a race that live in south Asia (India) they were originally from Russia but because of the cold weather they immigrate to south in 3500 years ago.

In 3500 years ago Aryans immigrate to Asia and some of them also went to central Europe, and that's why dutch in Germany consider themselves as Aryans.

Unfortunately Mr.Hitler used the name Aryans in order to start a war which was so wrong because this action damaged Aryan race image in the world.

Real Aryans have very good relation with Jews but without any reason Hitler killed Jews, For example Cyrus the great which was an Aryan king is famous because of his friendship with Jews.

Achaemenid Empire was the only real government that ruled by Aryans family heritages.

"And King Barat gave his name Aryan to the Dynastic Race of which he was the founder; and so it is from him that the fame of that Dynastic, People hath spread so wide."-Maha Barata
"And King Barat gave his name Aryan to the Dynastic Race of which he was the founder; and so it is from him that the fame of that Dynastic, People hath spread so wide."-Maha Barata
by Maha Barata May 28, 2010
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The term 'Aryan' is used to describe the White or Caucasoid race which originated in Europe. The term itself derives from an ancient Aryan word for 'a noble man' - Airya/Arya - and is thus apt to describe this noble, heroic, race.
An Aryan Nation is a noble nation.
by Dr.Knowitall88 July 09, 2011
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Although the previous entries claiming that Aryan did not use to mean white, blonde Germans, meaning of words change over time. Especially in the English language. Also, words mean different things in different areas of the world and if they think everyone has to go by the meanings they like best maybe they are the ones with naziist values.
To the majority of Americans the word Aryan means a person who is white, blonde and maybe German.
by Collen March 05, 2008
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Actually aryan means noble in the old Sanskript, it is not about race.But there is a new indian theory which explains that india was not invaded.A part of the invastion theory is about did India have horses, or did invaders bring horses, also one has to examine the old vedic books, and study the geography, add dates of the contents of the books.
Normally an original race from india i.e of sansript descend would call themselves vedic-aryan instead of aryan.It is about more than skin colour, or eye colour.Old indian races include Brahman, and Jat.Also sanskript came from the Indus valley civilation : but their language has stilL not been cracked, and this remains the last great mystery (from an article in sunday times on mysteries).
by OLD BOOK-END December 27, 2004
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It is the term that drived from the old Kurdi word(still used as is today).It has similar manning in Sunskrit/Persian or Avestan but as a whole and direct determination it is a Kurdish word and it directly refers to the Aryan(White) race.
Ar(meaning in Kurdish: 1White.2Noble.3Pure.4Wholy.5Flour.6the color of flour.
Ar+i=the condition of being white,noble etc.+an=a white person as singular and as plural also the same with(+an)white people.Probably arrived into nearby regions of Kurdistan(Iran,Afganistan,India etc.) from Kurdistan during the one of the first Kurdish Empires.And then finally to Europe etc.
I am an Aryan.
by Keyhusrew February 10, 2008
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The name of a tall, dark, and handsome male. He is of middle-eastern descent. Girls either think he's really ugly, or really hot. There is no in between. He is really smart, and really funny. He's all around perfect, and has a lot of friends because of his easy going and approachable nature.
Jessica: Isn't Aryan just SOOO hot?!

Michelle: Hell nah he's FUGLY.
Jessica: But he's PERFECT!
Michelle: Yeah, but that doesn't make up for his face.
by False Grace March 08, 2010
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People in India come from two different races...the North being Indo-Aryan and the South being Dravidian.
People in the North tend to be lighter and people in the South are much darker, although some in the North are 'dark' and some in the South are 'light' they are two completetly different races...this is evident from their facial features...people in the South are closer to Black Africans. Northern Indians have some Persian ancestry which is why they have more Caucasian features (ie. broad) nose and light hair (straight or curly but not kinky like Southerns!) and eyes (
True Hindustani and Jai Hind, you both are fuckin morons who don't know don't fuckin say that all Indian are the same cuz believe me Northerns are not the same as Southerns!!!!
True Hindustani and Jai Hind are fuckers who think Indians are all guys must be from the South who wish they had some relations to the North lmao. Shut the fuck up cuz the Northern Indians have Aryan blood and have no fuckin resemblance to Southerns so get your damn facts straight!
by AsianBlood November 09, 2006
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